BEACH BAG ESSENTIALS By Kristen Ewing  ‘Tis the season for floppy hats and flip flops, so don’t you dare get caught at the beach without the following essential items. Think of it as your Summer Survival Kit – designed especially to keep you sun-safe and sexy all summer long! #1.  Sunscreen –Protect your skin from […]


Essential Tips For Healthy Winter Skin TIP #1 – MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE AND MOISTURIZE AGAIN – This is an essential tip with which that most of us are all too familiar. Even if moisturizing becomes an after-thought, it’s likely that flaky patches along your hairline, dry hands and chapped lips will remind you to grab the […]

The Natural Look

The Natural Look From Noriko LaTour The day a daughter asks her father for permission to wear makeup is the day her dad’s world changes forever.  In that moment, he must face the fact that his little girl is growing up and that, sadly, dates and boyfriends are soon to follow.  What’s interesting is that […]