Essential Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil

TIP #1 – MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE AND MOISTURIZE AGAIN This is an essential tip with which that most of us are all too familiar. Even if moisturizing becomes an after-thought, it’s likely that flaky patches along your hairline, dry hands and chapped lips will remind you to grab the Shea Butter and moisturizer! You layer your clothing to protect you from the cold, so layer your moisturizers and ensure your skin is getting a heaping helping of nourishing emollients.


TIP #2 – SAY ‘YES’ TO SUN SCREEN – While we know that sunscreen is a summer skin essential, snow glare and winter sun can also be harsh on fragile facial skin. To protect against harmful rays, make applying sunscreen a part of your daily winter morning regimen.


TIP #3 – HYDRATE WHILE YOU HIBERNATE.  – It’s a natural tendency to prefer to indulge in tummy warming beverages like tea and hot chocolate when the weather outside is frightful, but don’t forget the H2O.  Sealing moisture in with increased water and fluid intake will show from the outside in. Staying hydrated can also cut down on irritating dry and chapped lips which are a common challenge during the cold winter months.


TIP #4 – REMEMBER: HEAT CAN HURT – One of the realities of the season is that we put our skin through extreme changes from the harsh cold outside, to warm and cozy temperatures indoors. During the cold winter months, it’s critical to remember that too much heat can be harmful to the skin. From hot baths to radiating heat from the fire, be sure to limit you’re skin’s direct exposure to heat.


TIP #5 – GET EXTREME – Don’t forget to protect your extremities. The overcoat, scarf, boots and knit hats are no-brainers, but the earmuffs, gloves, and heavy socks are just as essential. Many times, our extremities are exposed to the harsh wind, snow and cold air more than any other body parts, so be sure to treat your outermost parts with a little extra TLC.

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