By Kristen Ewing

 ‘Tis the season for floppy hats and flip flops, so don’t you dare get caught at the beach without the following essential items. Think of it as your Summer Survival Kit – designed especially to keep you sun-safe and sexy all summer long!

#1.  Sunscreen –Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with sunscreen. The higher the SPF level, the better, but make sure whatever brand you choose is, at minimum, SPF 15.

#2.  Beach towel(s) – Get ready to get comfy by spreading out a plush colorful towel on the sand, and don’t forget to bring an extra towel for drying off after you take a dip in the ocean!

#3. Moisturizers – You know how drying the sun, sand and saltwater can be, so be sure to load up on moisturizers from lip balm  and foot lotion to hair conditioner to keep your skin, lips and hair supple and soft.

#4. Sunglasses – Nobody thinks squinting is sexy, so avoid the scrunchy face and be sure to bring your favorite fashionable shades.

#5. Bottled Water – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with plenty of essential H20.

#6. Floppy hat – Not only is a floppy hat an essential summer fashion item, but a great hat can also be a great help in protecting your face from the sun.

#7. Flip flops – Even if you wear your favorite cute sandals to the beach, a pair of flip flops is a great idea to have on hand, too.

#8. Hairbrush – After a lovely ocean swim, you’ll want your brush handy to help pull your bun or sleek ponytail back in place.

#9. Hair bands – Effortless summer beauty begins with your hair, so even if your beach style includes a loose braid, hairbands  will be invaluable to have at your disposal.

#10. Your Favorite Book – There’s nothing like immersing yourself in your favorite book on the beach. A book, the beach and your imagination are the perfect formula for a perfect summer day!

Did we forget one of your favorite beach bag essentials? If so, please Join the Conversation here or on Facebook and let us know some of your favorite summer outing must-haves!


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