The Natural Look

The Natural Look

From Noriko LaTour

The day a daughter asks her father for permission to wear makeup is the day her dad’s world changes forever.  In that moment, he must face the fact that his little girl is growing up and that, sadly, dates and boyfriends are soon to follow.  What’s interesting is that like dads, many boyfriends and husbands aren’t really big fans of heavy makeup, either.  No, they tell us, they prefer “a natural look.”

Well, guys, sometimes, nature needs a little help!  So what’s a girl to do?

Noriko LaTour is a prominent makeup artist who has been painting A-List celebrity faces for red carpets runways, films and television for more than a decade.  We asked her to help us with our “natural look” and she showed us the following 7 Steps to enhancing our features and hiding our flaws!





Karla Before


STEP 1: Prepare the Skin

It’s always important to cleanse and moisturize the skin.  Be sure to use sunscreen – especially during the summer.  If you have sensitive skin, be clear about what you’re sensitive to and only use natural products on your face.

STEP 2: Eyebrows

Check your eyebrows and shape as necessary.  I prefer to pluck eyebrows instead of waxing.  The best time to pluck is right after you get out of the shower.  You can also trim your eyebrows with little scissors, but cut only the lower part of eyebrow if needed.  Fill in with eyebrow pencil or powder if necessary.

For maximum makeup freshness under the summer sun, apply spray primer first, and then dust powder all over before moving on to the next step.

STEP 3: Concealer & Foundation

Remember, your concealer should always be a little lighter than your foundation.  Apply concealer on your eye-socket area (choose a tone that is more yellowish than your skin; if that part is very dark, use a more orange-ish tone).  Dab with fingertip gently to blend.  Next, apply your foundation – mainly to the darker, reddish part of face.  Make sure to drag a little of the foundation to your neck.  Also, remember not to apply foundation to your eye socket area since your concealer is there already.

STEP 4: Pressing Powder & Blush

Apply pressing powder all over your face to set your foundation.  Use plenty of powder and dust off the excess.  Remember not to close your eyes too tight; just relax.  Otherwise, you will set your wrinkles, too!  Then, look in the mirror and smile.  Apply blush to the highest part of your cheek and drag your brush to your temple.  Finish by dusting blush in a big circle: over your eyelids, forehead, along the hairline, and on the tip of your nose.  This final step will give you a wonderful glow!


STEP 5: Eyes (shadow)

Apply a warm golden tone of eye shadow along the shape of your eye as your base color.  Follow the rim of eyelid from end to middle with darker color; this is your accent color.  You can do the same on the lower rim if you want more intensity.  For highlights, choose tones like “golden creamy white” for darker skin, “pearly white” for medium skin tone, and “silver white” for very fair skin tone.  Dab on the inner corner of your eyelid, under your eyebrow, and just above your eyebrow to highlight.


STEP 6:  Eye Definition (Eyeliner & Mascara)

Follow the shape of the top rim of your eye when applying eyeliner, then repeat along the bottom rim.  Curl your lashes with eyelash curler by pressing

eyelashes gently on closest part to your eyelid first, move on to the middle part of the lashes next, and then to the tip of lashes last. This can create a nice natural curl.  If you don’t have an eyelash curler, you can apply mascara to extend and curl your lashes.

STEP 7:  Lips

Finish your look with subtle lip liner and your favorite color of lip gloss.


Karla After

NORIKO’S BONUS TIP: Before you even begin with makeup, take a look in the mirror and really analyze your face.  Most people only see their own flaws.  Instead, take time to determine the best feature on your face, look at the feature you love and focus on that.  Don’t try to look like someone else.  Look at yourself and love yourself first!

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[learn_more caption=”About The Model” state=”open”]  Karla Avila is model/actress and classically trained dancer.  Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Karla moved to the U.S. when she was two years old.  She loves the performing arts, especially musical theater, and she enjoys collaborating with others.[/learn_more]

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