GOING SOLO By Marc Alexander I remember when Bobby Brown went solo. I wondered why? I was younger and didn’t understand the potential advantages of being alone in the spotlight: sucking in all the fame, the applause, the romance and last, but most, the money. To me, New Edition always looked like they were having […]


WHAT HE WANTS: WHO’S YOUR DADDY? By Marc Alexander It sounds like a funny question, but it’s one a lot of women should ask themselves when they are about to take the plunge in a relationship. Honestly, I cringe when I hear a grown woman call a man “Daddy.” Sure, they may be just playing, […]


WHAT HE WANTS: TOXIC-FREE By Marc Alexander Couple #1:  The New Couple. It’s the first day that you realize you are in a committed, in-love relationship.  The communication is as crisp as the sheets on a bed at the Ritz Carlton. But then one day, you attend an event as a couple and while there, […]


Is HE Marriage Material? By Marc Alexander You’re six months in and everything is cool. It’s more than cool, its damn near blissful. He seems to be attracted to you, he’s honest and he’s introduced you to his friends and family with no hesitation as his “girlfriend.”  Not his “friend” or “chick” but good old-fashioned, […]


WHAT HE WANTS: Spring Forward for Work, Fall Back for Love By Marc Alexander  James Brown said “You pay the cost to be the boss” and when you are trying to get in and stay in a romantic relationship ladies, no truer words have ever been spoken.  Pop culture, the media and respected tastemakers would […]

What He Wants: Authenticity

The You He Wants By Marc Alexander How many women do you know who feel it necessary to squeeze into spanx, throw on a weave and dye their hair in order to get a man’s attention?   Magazines and movies would have you believe that men want skinny, drinking-straw-looking women.  But ladies, the media and […]


5 Things He Wants for Christmas (If he’s being honest) By Marc Alexander Ladies, during this wonderful tinsel toned holiday season, let me provide a way for you to avail yourself of the cost and brain work of finding yet another tie/sweater/chia pet for the man in your life.  Let me suggest giving presents with […]


What He Wants: Keeping It Hot By Marc Alexander “Heat” is the desire to want to be with the person just because you are into them. Letting a relationship go stale is a slippery slope coated in the margarine of sameness and the olive oil of predictability. Making a stale relationship hot again is a […]

Greatest Mentors Of All Time?

By Marc Alexander Mentors, mentors, everybody is looking for a mentor.  Everybody wants guidance from someone who has been on the road before them and knows where the traffic cameras are.  The mentor-mentee relationship can be as strong and fulfilling as any in life, and many a successful person will tell you that if their […]

The Greatest Celebrity Romance?

By Marc Alexander   February is the month of Valentine’s Day – the holiday spilling over with love and romance. In today’s technology intensified Facebook and Twitter-soaked world, love and romance are very fluid and relative concepts.  Romance can start on-line in minutes, and be sustained from afar through hours of instant messages. Courtship now […]