Are You Ready for Some Football?

In times past, the only women associated with football were the ones who got attention by shaking their pom-poms.  Sure, football has, and probably always will be, one of the toughest and manliest sports on the planet. But did you know that dozens of women make significant and impactful contributions to the game?  From the […]

Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama

For the second year in a row, Wiles Magazine is proud to present our coverage of one of the most stylish and substantive events of the year: Macy’s Passport Presents Glamorama! The iconic fashion show HIV/AIDS fundraiser, celebrated its 30th anniversary with the theme, British Invasion: The Music Then. The Fashion Now! on Friday, September […]


CLINT EASTWOOD AND MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNOR DEVAL PATRICK If Broadway stars are made on opening night, then political stars are surely made on National Convention night.  One need only look to the gushing crowd soaking in the words of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr’s speech at the 1988 Democratic National Convention gave the nation a […]


When Brooke Valentine was first introduced to the music world, over a decade ago, she was poised to make an immediate impact.  After all, she’d been classically, albeit informally trained, by some of the greatest R &B legends who ever opened their mouths to sing. “I grew up listening to artists like Anita Baker, Chaka […]


THE BALANCING ACT By Drew Allen   With the ever-growing demands of today’s working women’s schedules, it’s more difficult than ever for women to bring home the bacon and satisfy their men.  Modern women are required to hold down demanding careers during the day, and then come home, kick off their heels, and trade in […]


If you’ve ever seen reality shows like “Cake Boss” or “Cupcake Wars” you know that plenty of time, talent and, sometimes, a pinch of drama, goes into creating the stunning and scrumptious cake designs we love to sink our teeth into.   But what doesn’t always come across onscreen, is just how much dedication and […]


From 1998 – 2004, female fans fervently followed the sexual exploits of 4 chic women in their 30’s on the HBO series ”Sex and the City” as if the characters were preaching a new single girl’s gospel.  And just eight years and two movie sequels later, single women and men from all walks of life […]


NAPOLEON PERDIS All dressed up, but can’t figure out your makeup?  If you’ve got the wardrobe down pat but could use help polishing off your look, then you’ll want to check out this season’s makeup trend report from maestro Napoleon Perdis. From bright hues to luscious lashes and smoky eyes, Napoleon’s picks will ensure your […]

The Greatest Billionaire of All Time

 By Marc Alexander   America has a million millionaires, so a seven-digit income is no longer the incredible dream or achievement that it used to be. The money fantasy bar has been raised three zeros to ten, and now, everyone from pop singers to Type A personality money nerds, aspires to be a billionaire. “One […]

Main Course:Paella

  During the month of September, we transition our palettes from the light fruit and veggie-infused dishes of summer, to heartier flavorful fall meals.  I can think of nothing better than a wonderful paella recipe bursting with seafood to gently take your taste buds into the autumn! I’m sure you will agree that not only […]