THE KISS MIX Valentine’s Day is on its way and we’ve curated a mix of some of our favorite hits to help you get things going. Get the Chapstick and the breath mints ready. Pucker up and show that special someone some love by giving them the gift of music and the gift of you! […]


Even if you’re not walking down the aisle any time soon, our Best Wedding Songs Play list is sure the get you in the mood to move. Take a listen and let us know if your favorite wedding song made our cut!     A Wiles Wedding from Wiles Magazine on Myspace.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

In times past, the only women associated with football were the ones who got attention by shaking their pom-poms.  Sure, football has, and probably always will be, one of the toughest and manliest sports on the planet. But did you know that dozens of women make significant and impactful contributions to the game?  From the […]