By Drew Allen


With the ever-growing demands of today’s working women’s schedules, it’s more difficult than ever for women to bring home the bacon and satisfy their men.  Modern women are required to hold down demanding careers during the day, and then come home, kick off their heels, and trade in their laptops and pencil skirts for an apron and some cooking utensils.


Not to mention the Clark Kent-like transformation from “super professional” into teacher, caregiver, maid and counselor that working mothers make on a daily basis.  With so much focus on their jobs, bills, children and everything else that fill a woman’s life, there is little time left over for many women to focus on their men.  And with so many women now earning more money than their mates, the traditional notions of “Prince Charming” and “damsels in distress” are not only outdated, they are, in many instances, completely unrealistic.

Women aren’t the only ones who feel the brunt of this changing dynamic. And while it may sound chauvinistic or archaic to say this, things were a lot simpler for us guys in the olden days when men and women “knew their place.”  So the next time you hear some of us guys complaining about feeling neglected in the bedroom, these days, please take into consideration the fact that it takes time, energy and enthusiasm to be a good lover. If, as a working woman, you’re already operating on fumes, by the time you get around to us, you have to admit that you’re hardly giving us the best you’ve got.


But here’s the good news for the “super women” of the world: all hope is not lost!  “Having it all” may be an impossible dream, but it’s very possible to still show your mate some love despite all the different directions your life may pull you in. Be encouraged by the fact that many busy couples have managed to stay together for years, and some married folks have actually celebrated anniversaries of 20, 30, 40 years and more!   The key to successfully balancing your personal and professional lives is simply finding ways to say “I love you.”


Here are a few ways you can reassure your man that, despite everything, he’s still #1:


Tech support: Modern technology enables you to stay in constant contact with your boss, your assistant and your clients.  So why not use it to quickly reach out to your man?  You can quickly show him you are thinking about him throughout the day by sending him a romantic tweet, text or email!  Heck you can even post something in code on his Facebook page. Spice things up with some cyber-flirting or by adding a little naughty photo sent for his eyes only.  Nothing says “I love you” like a little spontaneity, so use technology to your advantage!


Let’s do lunch: It’s not often that we’re on the receiving end of being treated to a nice meal (Not counting the meals you whip together in 5 minutes at home).  Make some time in your schedule to meet us for a lunch date, once a week, or however often your schedule permits.  We know your job is important to you so, the fact that you’re making time for us will ensure that we know just how much of a priority we are to you!


Personal days: You work hard for your money so you’ve earned some paid vacation and personal days.  Don’t be afraid to use them!  Some folks at work may even appreciate you being out of the office a few days.  Surprise us!!! Don’t tell us you took the day off and pretend you’re not going in for the day. Tell him us want to stay home for a play date!  I guarantee it won’t take much.  Slip your hand inside our briefs to help convince us, and we won’t think twice about calling in sick!  Trust me – this will earn you major points!  We’ll be so excited we won’t be able to wait for the next “date.”


Don’t micro-manageOften men aren’t given a woman’s full trust, especially when always haunted by the “ghost of boyfriend’s past.”  Instead of sitting around and waiting for your man to do something wrong, cut him some slack and trust him to go out for a night with the boys! Grant him that “hall pass”.  Just like the movie, he won’t know what to do with his new found freedom.   The only thing he does know is that he appreciates you giving it instead of him having to ask for it.  It works the same way with sex with us (hint, hint).


Let him be the bossEven if you are bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan, please be clear that the key to a man’s heart is not through his belly –  it’s through his ego!  So every now and again, you’ve got to give it a little stroke. Let him be the man of the house by allowing him to make important decisions.  Seek his advice on things that are going on in your life at work.  Let him feel as though he’s helping.  Listen to his advice; and once he’s given it, show him your appreciation by saying “Thank you” or giving him a kiss to show him he’s helped make things better.


Today’s balancing act is an extremely difficult one, and, whether you believe it or not, men respect women who attempt it and adore women who do it well. Try some of these tips to show your man that he’s important to you no matter how hectic your life may be. Dare to be bold, and add your own spice to some of these suggestions.  I guarantee: the more you explore, the more you both will be rewarded.


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