BeenVerified Helps You Understand and Use Background Checks In Your Everyday Dating Life to Help Keep You Safe   In the dating world, it’s not always easy to spot “Mr. Right” from “Mr. Wrong.” Before your next date, make sure he’s “Been Verified.” A woman’s intuition is usually spot on. But when you’re looking for love, […]


MR. RIGHT: ROBERT CHRISTOPHER RILEY By Teryl Warren In Los Angeles, it’s not hard to find a hot and health-conscious man. But add intelligence, creativity and a heart for helping people to those rock-hard abs and we’re treading in pretty impossible-to-find territory. But that’s exactly what we found in this month’s Mr. Right: Robert Christopher […]

Mr. Right

MICHAEL B. JORDAN By Teryl Warren So, ladies, what exactly is your image of “Mr. Right?”  Is he the quarterback of the football team?  A hero who will protect you from all possible harm?  Or is “Mr. Right” an “Average Joe” with a heart of gold? Well, if any of these describes your ideal guy, […]