Intelligent, poetic, talented and jovial – that’s the Leslie Odom, Jr we’ve come to know at Wiles.  Classically trained at the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, Leslie Odom, Jr is a throwback to triple-threat talents like Sammy Davis, Jr. and Gregory Hines – both of whom smoothly traversed the worlds of stage, television […]

Features: Red Tails

By Teryl Warren They hailed from nearly every city in America.  Some were drafted into the military, most were college-educated, and all of them were young, talented and shared a dream of showing the world the heights to which they were capable of soaring. It would be decades before their country would rightfully honor their […]

Mr. Right

MICHAEL B. JORDAN By Teryl Warren So, ladies, what exactly is your image of “Mr. Right?”  Is he the quarterback of the football team?  A hero who will protect you from all possible harm?  Or is “Mr. Right” an “Average Joe” with a heart of gold? Well, if any of these describes your ideal guy, […]