By Teryl Warren

In Los Angeles, it’s not hard to find a hot and health-conscious man. But add intelligence, creativity and a heart for helping people to those rock-hard abs and we’re treading in pretty impossible-to-find territory. But that’s exactly what we found in this month’s Mr. Right: Robert Christopher Riley.

Fans of VH-1’s hit show “Hit the Floor” know the Brooklyn, NY native as Devil baller Terrence Wall – whose sizzling career is only eclipsed by his even hotter relationship with Jelena Howard. When we sat down to chat with Robert, he gave us a little inside dish on what we can expect in season two.

“Terrence is a fun character to embody. [This season], he’s still chasing that championship and managing his partnership and friendship with Derek,” he told us. “There’s a new player thrown in to the mix so we’ll have to see how things play out with that guy. And, of course, there’s Jelena. We all know long-term relationships don’t die that easily – no matter how hard we try. Will we get closure? Will we rekindle? Will there be a fatal blow that can’t be recovered from? We’ll find out,” he smiled.

Robert also let us in on his secrets for maintaining the uber-ripped physique we look forward to seeing each week! On the nutrition tip, the self-proclaimed Brooklyn-Boy-at-heart takes in his fair share of smoothies, salads and fresh produce. And, as for working out…

“I hate [doing] cardio, but it’s incredibly important for heart health and in terms of looking lean,” he shared. “However, I primarily eat weights. I typically wake up in the morning and take a 45-pound plate, break it into pieces, put it in a blender with some protein powder, skim milk and ice…Et Voila! Six-pack abs!” (Oh, if only it were that easy!)

And when it comes to giving back, Robert also puts in major work. At a red carpet event last month, Robert coupled his love of music with his strong and sincere desire to help others. The result was “Responsibly in Love” – a benefit concert he hosted to raise awareness and funds for EDU, Inc.’s I WILL ACHIEVE initiative.  Consistent with President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, the I WILL ACHIEVE INITIATIVE is creating the opportunity for 10,000 Black and Hispanic males to complete the Common Black College Application (CBCA) for free.

“’Responsibly in Love’ and my work at Barack Obama Prep are both functions of the same thing – helping people,” he said.  “We’re all in this together, and if we can help each other, which we all can, then why not? We have a responsibility to help each other as human beings – to be compassionate, nurturing, supportive beings – especially to the younger and less fortunate in our charge.”

Like most of us, when Robert isn’t working, he likes to take it easy and unwind. But as an artist, he doesn’t stray too far from his creativity – even in his down time.

“I write poetry, play the guitar and fiddle around composing music, but most of my spare time is spent taking photos and studying photography, at this point. I have a great affinity for photography and have been progressing rapidly day by day.”

In addition to this season of Hit the Floor, Robert is currently completing a short film called “Finally” and polishing up a spoken word EP.  You can also check him out in the upcoming indie film The Adventures of Sweet Yellow. 

Please visit TheFreshPerspectiv.Com (@The FreshPerspectiv on Instagram) which will be the photography extension of Robert’s main site 

And to keep up with Robert, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @RobRileyNYC

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