[three_fourth]All over the world, nations from Algeria to Argentina, to the United States and France celebrate their national holidays during the month of July. Given that fact, our editorial staff agreed that our July issue would be the perfect opportunity for a Wiles Magazine salute to independence! So what exactly does it mean to be […]

Cover Story: Wiles Tunes Exclusive

A Declaration of Independents! By Haili Chin This month, Wiles Magazine is paying tribute to artists, professionals and every day people who have made it a priority to stay true to their independent spirit in everything that they do! In keeping with that theme, we’re proud to salute some of the world’s top indie musicians, […]

Artyce Custom Footwear

“The Personal Touch” Whether planning her wedding, birthday party or as the hostess of an extraordinary special event, there’s one thing every woman who finds herself the center of attention wants: she wants to look fabulous! Today’s fashionistas know that impeccable styling doesn’t stop with the perfect dress or the perfect hair. And, as we […]

Capoeira Bautuque

Freedom of Expression By John Nathan Capoeira is an elegant martial art form which combines dance, music and acrobatics. Dating back to the 1600’s, it was first practiced by Afro-Brazilian slaves – primarily on sugar cane plantations – as a means of self defense, as well as cultural and spiritual expression. Driven by the drum […]

World View – July

An American in Paris: Insights on Living Abroad From Author Priscilla Lalisse – Jespersen For the past few years, immigration has been a hot-button political issue in the United States that has provided fodder for political pundits and polarized many civic leaders.  While there is much documentation about the experience of immigrants in the United […]

Socialite Spotlight: The Artform Studio

Located just outside Little Tokyo in the artist district, this week’s Socialite Spotlight is on The Artform Studio, a unique place where creativity flourishes. Since 2005, the studio started out as a beauty salon offering services including haircuts, hair coloring, mens’ grooming, nails, hair extensions, lash extensions, and makeup application to a clientele of downtown […]

Main Course – Tri Tip

Why Not Try Tri-Tip? By Chef Arturo Vargas Did you know that tri-tip is one of the most versatile cuts of beef enjoyed all over the world?  In Austria, it is boiled into a dish called Tafelspitz.  It is also used in the wonderful Brazilian delicacy churrasco.  Here in the United States, and especially during […]

Purse Strings – July

“By Design” In just 7 short years, Erinn Valencich, founder and owner of Erinn V Design Group, has emerged as one of the most highly sought after interior designers in Beverly Hills. In addition to her appearances as a style expert on Extra!, The View and Fine Living Network, Erinn is the resident decorating expert […]

What He Wants – July

The “Independent Woman”   When I’m swimming in the dating pool, I look for an independent woman. They are the sexiest. I want someone with whom I can merge lives. What’s not sexy is a woman who relies on me for everything and makes it hard to live my own life. The best part of […]


FROM CUSH SALON AND CAFE As we all know, during the hot, sunny, summer months, our hair can really take a beating. Wendy J. Nelson and Hector Rodriguez are two of the resident stylists at the ultra-hip Cush Salon and Café in Beverly Hills, CA.  Boasting more than 20 years of hair care experience, each, […]