What He Wants – July

The “Independent Woman”


When I’m swimming in the dating pool, I look for an independent woman. They are the sexiest. I want someone with whom I can merge lives. What’s not sexy is a woman who relies on me for everything and makes it hard to live my own life. The best part of dating an independent woman is that we can learn from each other, have our separate alone time, and at the same time, deal with less drama.

I absolutely love learning and gaining new experiences from a woman. Many of the independent-types I dated have a wide variety of hobbies and interests. I’ve also dated clingy women, in which I’m bored and learn nothing from. I’d rather exchange tips, tricks, hobbies, different perspectives and opinions. This is what gives a relationship that spark! When I can do this with a woman (who I’m also physically attracted to), it brings the passion to a whole new level. Like I said earlier, we can merge lives and create new experiences together, rather than it being one sided.

What’s also important is being able to have time for ourselves. If she enters my life like a whirlwind, creates drama, calls me too much, and wants to hang out every minute, I get scared. Too much, too soon, is not attractive. Rather, it’s nice to know that she has her own friends, a steady job, and another world that I can explore gradually, as she explores mine. When I want a guy’s night out and have a few beers with my friends, I want her to understand, instead of showing signs of frustration. When she has her ladies’ nights, I will understand too. Again, it’s not one sided.

A woman who possesses these independent qualities has proven to me that she has her act together. It shows me that she is confident in who she is. Nothing is perfect and there will always be issues and drama, but an independent woman usually has her $%&* handled. She knows how to deal with situations on her own and she has learned to cope with issues without having to involve everyone she knows. I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Yes, that’s how much independence turns men on.

If my sources are correct, I know that women like the same quality in men. They want someone who is independent and stable. I say learn to enjoy your time alone. Experience new adventures by yourself. Eventually you will end up stumbling across the one person that catches your eye. At this point, you can take their hand and enjoy the ride together. But, learn to let go every once awhile.


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