[three_fourth]All over the world, nations from Algeria to Argentina, to the United States and France celebrate their national holidays during the month of July. Given that fact, our editorial staff agreed that our July issue would be the perfect opportunity for a Wiles Magazine salute to independence!

So what exactly does it mean to be “independent?” Why is it that, throughout history, people from every walk of life have struggled and martyrs have been sacrificed in the steadfast pursuit of freedom?

If you think about it, it’s really no surprise that for most of us, our freedom has been blazed over a blood-soaked trail. The very idea of independence is, after all, at its core, revolutionary. Without question, it takes tremendous courage to break from norm, step away from the pack, and place a higher value on unique perspectives than on the traditional, safe party line.

Here at Wiles, “independence” is quite simply the expression of our unabashed audacity to present ourselves, as individuals and as women. who are talented, beautiful, powerful, and relevant.

In the pages of this month’s issue, we’re thrilled to include celebrations of personal style through Fashion and Beauty features on the utterly fabulous Artyce Custom Footwear, as well as in our Purse Strings feature on celebrity interior designer Erinn Valencich. In our “An American in Paris” feature, author and expatriate Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen offers insight into her experience as an American immigrant in a foreign country. And our feature on the recent Capoeira Bautuque annual celebration pays homage to a centuries- old martial art form that sprang from Afro-Brazilian slaves’ unquenchable thirst for freedom from bondage and in cultural and spiritual expression.

Throughout the month of July, Wiles Magazine is, without question, throwing down the proverbial gauntlet as we encourage each of you to be bold, be brilliant, and dare to be the best, most unique you that you can possibly be.


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