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Wiles Magazine One Year Anniversary


It may be spring, but, here at Wiles, we’re ready for fall and the exciting fall looks featured at London Fashion Week, L.A. Concept Week and L.A. Fashion Weekend this season!  From stunning tailored suiting, to amazing pops of color, London was abuzz with structure and style as the city’s top designers turned out their […]


Did you know that the United States is ranked 90th in the world when it comes to women holding positions in national legislatures, and women hold only three percent of clout positions in mainstream media? Wiles Magazine’s mission is to provide a platform for positive, powerful portrayals of women in media, because when we see images of powerful […]


WILES MAGAZINE PROUDLY SALUTES THE TEACHERS, MENTORS AND ORGANIZATIONS WHO ARE MAKING A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OUR YOUTH!   In a recent report published in the by the National Association of State Budget Officers, budgets for public schools serving grades K-12 were cut, in 2012, $1.8 billion nationwide. Their estimates the new […]

Greatest Mentors Of All Time?

By Marc Alexander Mentors, mentors, everybody is looking for a mentor.  Everybody wants guidance from someone who has been on the road before them and knows where the traffic cameras are.  The mentor-mentee relationship can be as strong and fulfilling as any in life, and many a successful person will tell you that if their […]


When people hear the word “model” most of the time, images of beautiful women in elegant couture come to mind.  But how many of you know that there are some amazing men out there who really know how to work it, too?  In celebration of everything models this month, Wiles is oh-so-happy to dedicate our […]


ISRAEL’S NEW LAW POSES NEW CHALLENGE TO FASHION INDUSTRY By John Nathan (Quotes courtesy of the Huffington Post) Last month, journalists Diaa Hadid and Daniella Cheslow shined the spotlight on a new Israeli law that bans underweight models and undisclosed airbrushing practices in advertising.  The fashion industry has long been criticized for the images of […]


The Perfect 10 By Drew Allen Recently, I was asked to describe the “perfect woman” and I realized that that was a trick question.  I know a lot of books and magazines out there try to tell you ladies what men look for in a woman, but the honest truth is, men categorize women, and different […]

Main Course: “Eat Like a Man, Look Like a Model”

Burgers and fries are foods that are just about as American as apple pie.  But it’s difficult for most people to enjoy them and maintain a slim physique!  With my turkey burger and un-fried sweet potato fries recipes, you’ll be able to whip up some fast food and still slip into your favorite slinky Spring […]