It seems as though every time I turn around, I hear someone using the expression “That’s hot” – and very rarely is it a reference to temperature. Sometimes, the speaker is using the phrase to describe a particularly attractive person, or a tangible item like a car or a piece of clothing. Still, other times, […]

Cover Story: Laz Alonso

By Teryl Warren Check out this month’s cover story – a Mr. Right exclusive on one of the hottest actors in Hollywood! On any given night in Los Angeles, you can find something fascinating and sexy to do.  One night, it’s a splashy movie premiere, the next, an inspiring exhibit at a world-renowned gallery.  New […]

Swim Wear 101

Expert Advice from Designer Kirsti Grinna   Are you still in search of the perfect swimsuit?  Well, look no further than luxury swimwear designer Kirsti Grinna! Wiles: What‘s the inspiration behind the 2012 collection? KG: I am always inspired by my travels but, the 2012 collection was particularly inspired by music – specifically the 70’s […]

Feel the Heat

By Kelly Mitchell (Courtesy of Greenpeace USA) August is no stranger to brutally hot temperatures. Slate Magazine runs a now-famous column every year, cursing this uncomfortable and – in their words – useless month. “August is the Mississippi of the calendar,” columnist David Plotz writes. However, to anyone watching the weather lately, the crushing humidity […]

Hottest Movie Moments

10 HOTTEST MOVIE MOMENTS By Wiles Magazine   What exactly makes a moment “hot?” Is it a touch from that special someone that you’ve been longing for all day? Is it a kiss, so sweet, it sends chills up and down your spine? Or is it some unspoken exchange shared between lovers who don’t needs […]

Socialite Spotlight: Katharine Keith

Katharine Keith is a self-described Public Diplomat. Currently, she works for the British Consulate-General in Los Angeles as the Communications Officer. Though she is American by birth, she’s felt right at home at the “UK in LA”, promoting the US- UK relationship in the Southwest. Her job allows her to work closely with NGO’s, governments, […]

Purse Strings – August

Lani Hay, CEO, Lanmark Technology By Teryl Warren   In just a few years, 35 year-old Lani Hay has built Lanmark Technology, Inc. — a government information and technology contracting firm – into a $30 million business.  We recently caught up with her when she hosted the “Captain America Military Salute to the Navy SEAL […]

Hot Heads

When the temperature heats up outside, oftentimes, so do our tempers. As busy people with hectic schedules, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by emotion when stressful situations arise.  We asked renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Dianne Bohorquez to off some advice about the importance of keeping your cool.  Here’s what she shared with us. Cool It! […]

Main Course – August

Strawberry Sorbet By Chef Arturo Vargas Have you ever heard the expression, “If you can’t take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen?”  Well, as far as I’m concerned, the weather during the month of August is hot enough, so who really needs a hot kitchen?! August is a wonderful month for fresh fruit, […]

Downtime – August

Hotlanta! By Francesca Merced As the hometown of hotties like Usher, TLC, and “Miss Keri, baby,” it’s no wonder that we’re highlighting Atlanta, GA for this month’s hip, hot Downtime! Nicknamed “Hotlanta” some twenty-plus years ago, Atlanta is a vibrant city that offers visitors a diverse historical experience coupled with some of the trendiest nightlife […]