Hottest Movie Moments


By Wiles Magazine


What exactly makes a moment “hot?” Is it a touch from that special someone that you’ve been longing for all day? Is it a kiss, so sweet, it sends chills up and down your spine? Or is it some unspoken exchange shared between lovers who don’t needs words to express their passion? We think it can be any and all of the above!
In celebration of the hottest month of the year, Wiles Magazine is proud to present some of our favorite moments that set the silver screen on fire – in different eras, and in vastly different ways!

Video clips may not be suitable for children under 17.


10. Gone With the Wind After endearing years of spoiled Southern Belle shenanigans, “Rhett Butler,” played by the incomparable Clark Gable, finally takes matters, and “Scarlett” (Vivien Leigh), into his own hands. In one fell swoop, he hoists his persnickety bride up into their bedroom for some much-needed marital bliss. Despite her violent protests, Scarlett couldn’t help but wake up smiling and humming the next morning!


9. Casablanca Sometimes, the mere memory of a love from a time gone by that can stir our souls. As you’ll see, with just one song, “Ilsa” (Ingrid Bergman) is transported back in time before our eyes to the place that she and “Rick” – played by Humphrey Bogart – shared. The look they hold at the end of this clip lets us know that this song transports him back to that time, as well.


8. From Here to Eternity As star-crossed lovers “Karen Holmes” and “Milton Warden,” Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster sizzle in one of the hottest movie make-out moments to ever grace the screen. We’re not sure whether the name for the cocktail “Sex on the Beach” came from this scene or not, but we know one thing – we’re definitely inspired!


7. The Way We Were It’s always hot when love crosses to the other side of the tracks. In this 1970’s tear-jerker, “Katie,” the nice Jewish girl (played by Barbara Streisand) falls for the decidedly out-of-her-league Gentile stunner “Hubble” (played by Robert Redford.) The fact that “Katie” was never supposed to end up with “Hubble” in the first place makes the moment she finally lands him in her bed even hotter than normal!


6. Love Jones The title of this film pretty much says it all. In this 1990’s romantic classic, “Darius” (Larenz Tate) proves to “Nina” (Nia Long) what most grown women already know: the art of pleasing a woman physically often begins with caressing her mentally.
Is that alright?


5. Heat With a title like that, this flick had to make our list –but probably not in the way you might think. Without question, “Charlene” (Ashley Judd) and “Chris” (Val Kilmer) had their share of problems in their marriage. But, as this next clip shows, when the chips are down, real love can conquer all. With one subtle gesture, “Charlene” saves “Chris” from being captured by the authorities. This moment makes our list because it is a vibrant example of how hot loyalty can be.


4. The Best ManThis has got to be one of the most tension-filled wedding scenes ever captured on celluloid! With his best man (Taye Diggs) sporting a wicked shiner from a beat down from the night before, Lance (Morris Chestnut) fights through images of the ultimate betrayal running through his mind and finds the strength to marry the woman he loves – despite the fact that she slept with his best man. Yes, guys, whether you believe it or not, forgiveness is actually very hot!


3. The Mask of Zorro Sometimes, giving up the reins and letting a man lead can be hot. Such is the case with sultry dances like the Paso Doble and the Tango. Don’t believe us? Take a good look at Catherine Zeta Jones’ face in this clip and see how hot getting tossed around the floor by a man as sexy as Antonio Banderas can be!


2. Memoirs of a Geisha Geishas are often esteemed as the ultimate woman: graceful, mysterious and completely unattainable. In this clip, “Sayuri” – played by Ziyi Zhang – is the ultimate geisha and, with all eyes on her, she totally seduces a room full of men with her every movement–fully clothed.


1. Mr. and Mrs. Smith As the title characters, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie demonstrate the art of couple’s conflict resolution in one of our favorite eroticized fight scenes of all time. It’s really no surprise that two people who can fight this passionately on-screen would heat it up in real life!


So we’re sure you’ll need to grab a cool glass of water after taking in our list of our Top 10 Hottest Movie Moments. But…for those of you who need a little more movie heat, please “Join the Conversation” on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what your favorite hot movie moments are!


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