New Year, New Love

New Love

Tips For A New Love Life In The New Year A new year means a new you, and a new approach to your dating and love life. Whether you’re single and ready to get in the dating scene or you’re spending time with someone and wondering if the relationship has a real future, it’s time [...]



BeenVerified Helps You Understand and Use Background Checks In Your Everyday Dating Life to Help Keep You Safe   In the dating world, it’s not always easy to spot “Mr. Right” from “Mr. Wrong.” Before your next date, make sure he’s “Been Verified.” A woman’s intuition is usually spot on. But when you’re looking for love, [...]



Why He’s Not Married By Drew Allen I recently read an article featured in the Huffington Post that explored the reasons why so many women aren’t married!  As the writer, having been married three times herself, proclaimed the real reason these eager-to-be brides are still waiting to jump the broom, it got me to thinking [...]