XOXO: Jellysmack Finds That Social Media Audiences Are Enamored With Creator Couples Content, Especially Leading Up To Valentine’s Day

The company uses proprietary data from the Jellysmack Creator Program to shed light on the growing success of couples content.

Love is in the air, and on social media. On Valentine’s Day weekend, global creator company Jellysmack reveals that audience demand for content from creator couples is heating up across Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

The internet’s obsession with creator couples is a cultural phenomenon that is rarely discussed, but Jellysmack’s data proves it is a rapidly growing segment. Currently, the company has nearly 30 video creator couples in its exclusive Creator Program—a partnership that helps creators grow their audience across multiple social media platforms.

In 2020, couples in Jellysmack’s Creator Program generated 10.3 billion video views on Facebook alone. In fact, content produced by Creator Program couples over-indexes in performance – representing roughly 20% of all social video posts but 34% of total views.

There also seems to be a correlation between Valentine’s Day and interest in couples content. Popular sweethearts Montana & Ryan have attracted over 10 million views on TikTok in the last seven days alone, up nearly 50% from the week prior. The devoted duo of Charles & Alyssa Forever has experienced a 279% surge in views on TikTok within the last month. Last year alone, Charles & Alyssa‘s content generated 2.8 billion views and 40 million cross-platform engagements, with their top performing video of 2020 “Every Time My Girlfriend said ‘I Love You’ I Gave Her $100” garnering nearly 60 million views on Facebook alone.

Why the fascination? Jellysmack finds that audiences love seeing the most successful creator couples pull clever pranks on their unsuspecting partners including Derek Deso (7.65 million followers on Facebook), Riss & Quan (4.7 million followers on Facebook), and Adi Fishman (1.8 million followers on Facebook), who are all known for pushing their loved one’s buttons. Jellysmack’s Creator couples collectively posted more than 4,000 original videos on Facebook in 2020 and nearly 25% of them were prank videos.

“The couples in our Creator Program produce some of Jellysmack’s most-watched content,” says Amber Tarshis, Chief Marketing Officer at Jellysmack. “I think that creator couple videos overperform because fans enjoy living vicariously through their antics and often find themselves speculating about the type of reaction their own partner would have if they were the one playing the tricks. The more you can live vicariously through a creator’s content the more engaging it becomes.”

Outside of the pranking space, the married couple behind cooking show Hellthy Junk Food has savored their Jellysmack-led expansion to Snapchat that has earned them over 200k subscribers and over 170 million views in just 45 days. Audiences have also fallen for travel-focused husband and wife team Kara and Nate, whose videos have earned nearly 5 million views in the last 7 days and nearly 27 million views in the last month on Facebook, up 34.5% from the previous month.

For additional information on Jellysmack and to learn more about how the company partners with some of the world’s most powerful creators, visit jellysmack.com.


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