ATRESERIES, the first TV channel to broadcast Velvet Colección in the Americas

Starting January 17, the international channel of series programming will premiere two seasons that follow up on the original series created by Atresmedia and Bambú Producciones

Velvet Colección will keep a large part of its original cast, led by Marta Hazas, Javier Rey, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Adrián Lastra and Asier Etxeandía, in addition to new contributors.

Starting January 17 Atreseries will broadcast two seasons of Velvet Colección, the Movistar+ spin-off that will bring the Atresmedia and Bambú Producciones original series to an end. Thus, Atreseries will become the first television channel to bring Velvet Colección to the Americas and will do so after having broadcast the previous four seasons of Velvet consecutively.

Velvet Colección

With Velvet Colección, the channel follows the success of one of the most popular fashion boutiques on television and keeps #velvetmania going strong. It will feature a large part of its original cast, led by Marta HazasJavier Rey, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Adrián Lastra and Asier Etxeandía, as well as participation from Imanol AriasMónica Cruz (Un Paso Adelante), Megan Montaner (Sin Identidad), Andrea Duro (Física y Química) y Adriana Ozores (Gran Hotel) y Paula Usero (#Luimelia)

The first of the 20 episodes of Velvet Colección (20×50′) takes place at the end of the 1960s, finding Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarría) settled in New York with her husband (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and their son. Five years have passed, during which Ana has led the company remotely. But now the time has come for her to return to Spain, follow in the wake of other international companies and take another step forward with her project. It’s clear to Ana that the new challenge is to franchise the prestigious brand, Velvet, and show that she is capable of replicating the model. Barcelona is the city she chooses for the opening of the second Velvet boutique, where all her friends and colleagues will be charged with turning her dreams into reality. But what will undoubtedly be a new success won’t come without problems right from the start. Fate has a tough test in store for the designer.

Sundays, starting January 17

Latin America
8 p.m. Mexico/9 p.m. Colombia/10 p.m. Venezuela/11 p.m. Argentina

9 p.m. ET /6 p.m. PT

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