Auction Preview in Partnership with K11 Elevating the Affinity for Art among the Young Generation

Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11, and music icon Jay Chou jointly hosted the Sotheby’s private preview and online panel discussion in K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside over the weekend, to kick off the auction preview of the one-of-a-kind collaboration JAY CHOU X SOTHEBY’S. This marks the second collaboration between K11 and Sotheby’s, the two leading cultural pioneers sharing the vision of promoting art and culture, and will continue the successful partnership between the two brands. Adrian Cheng was elated to present the auction preview curated by his friend Jay Chou and Sotheby’s at the iconic Victoria Dockside to mark the inaugural edition of Sotheby’s celebrated Contemporary Curated auction series in Asia.

Adrian Cheng (left) and Jay Chou (right) jointly hosted an auction preview with Sotheby’s

Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11, said at the inauguration of private preview on 11 June, “The collaboration with Jay and Sotheby’s echoes what I believe and what K11 embodies. It is a unique journey that unites entertainment and fine art, presented by cultural leaders from different fields. It definitely sparks inspiration and creativity and we are looking forward to building more creative collaborations together in the future.”

Jay Chou said “I would like to express my gratitude to Sotheby’s for this opportunity to curate the exhibition. With my sense as a musician, I would also like to thank K11 for such an amazing venue which makes many of my imaginative and creative set design ideas possible. Special thanks to my partner, Adrian, for presenting the exhibition together.”

Art collectors, lovers of music and culture, celebrities and members of the press attended the private preview on 11 June. This first look at JAY CHOU X SOTHEBY’S collection featured a cocktail reception, special musical performance and a unique opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary artworks. On 12 June, K11 Konversation, a podcast where speakers discuss the intersections between creativity, culture and innovation, invited Vivienne Chow, the award-winning art writer, as moderator to speak with Yuki Terase, Senior Director, Head of Contemporary Art in Sotheby’s Asia, Jazz Li, the Founder of Enviseam and SK Lam, Creative Director and Curator of AllRightsReserved, on the topic of Artists as Celebrities in Popular Culture. K11 Konversation is open to public audience with an aim to propagate culture in the mass public and bring art to everyday lives.

Nathan Drahi, Managing Director, Sotheby’s Asia, said “We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with K11 and embark on another exciting journey to promote contemporary art as well as luxury collectables. K11 and Sotheby’s share the vision of bringing art to a wider audience, and together we look forward to engaging audiences across communities and showcasing what culture and art can offer in tandem.”

Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11, said “With art becoming more accessible, people begin to build up their knowledge capital from the immersive experiences in opening spaces and museums such as K11, and on the back of growing interest in art from the Millennials and Gen Z, many of whom have taken up art collection, K11 seeks to foster an impassioned group of next generation art connoisseurs that contributes to the dialogue around art and culture through the collaboration with Sotheby’s.”

The Sotheby’s auction preview will be presented in K11 MUSEA and K11 ATELIER until 18 June where art aficionados can view an antique ornate piano that featured in the movie “Secret” (2007) starring Jay Chou and three sets of bespoke concert costumes worn by Jay during his seventh “The Invincible” world tour, along with more than 50 artworks from Sotheby’s Evening Sale and Online Day Sale. Notable highlights include Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled from 1985, an iconic work that was featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, as well as Pablo Picasso’s Buste d’Homme, a powerful portrait that encapsulates the key themes of the artist’s later works.

There will also be a series of panel discussion and events presented together by K11 and Sotheby’s, which explores the intersection between contemporary art and pop culture and promotes dialogues on art appreciation. To view the latest programme please The preview exhibition will culminate in a highly anticipated Evening Sale on 18 June at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery that will be livestreamed on Sotheby’s website and across its social media platforms. There will also be an online Day Sale running from 10 to 22 June on

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