Father’s Day Gift Guide: Top Ideas for DIY Dads Who Love Making Things

Anycubic’s 3D printers help DIY dads turn their brilliant ideas into reality

Father’s Day is right around the corner so for those who are racking their brains to come up with an appropriate gift to show their appreciation for dad. Anycubic, a leading 3D printer brand, has provided a roundup of ideas for gifts with many other special offers for the big day.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Anycubic’s Top Ideas for DIY Dads Who Love Making Things

Vyper, Anycubic’s first fully auto-leveling FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer that innovates the 3D printing workflow, is a beginner-friendly machine. Requiring no manual leveling, its smart leveling system automatically adjusts an uneven hotbed and realizes one-click leveling and printing, which makes it an ideal option for dads who are new to 3D printing.

Vyper could be used to print daily-used items like pen containers, cable management boxes, headphone stands and more, helping office worker dads to customize their workspaces and create an efficient work environment. When they come back home from work, they could use Vyper to create useful things that keep the home organized, such as tableware, fun hanger, or furniture parts. Flowerpots and watering cans could also be printed with Vyper for dads who like planting. 

The printing speed of Vyper can reach up to 80-100mm/s, which is 30% faster than the Mega series, bringing extreme convenience to users at an affordable price. It will be available from 7:00 AM PST (4:00 PM CEST), June 10, 2021, with an early-bird offer of US$299 for the first 3000 orders.

Adding to the list of perfect gifts and conversation topics that allow a dad to show off in front of his friends and brag about his beloved child, Mono X and Wash & Cure Plus is also a perfect match, especially for a dad with a constant flow of new ideas and is eager to print them out.

Mono X’s 4K monochrome screen and high-performance Z-axis motion system make the printing process productive with higher printing precision. Together with Wash & Cure Plus, a machine that is compatible with all LCD 3D printer models on the market that are 8.9 inches or below, Mono X is an excellent choice for DIY lover dads to print action figures, garage kit, or even architectural models. 

Mono X and Wash & Cure Plus will be available at US$758 from June 8-22 with surprising offers of a lower price from June 8-11.

“3D-printing has become a lot more accessible these days than in the past, bringing excitement and fun to families by turning ideas into reality at home,” said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic. “This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that he won’t see coming, honor him with something useful to unleash his creativity. Or, you could buy the Mono X and Wash & Cure Plus bundle, and give your dad a printed gift using your own creativity.”

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