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Hipcamp, the world’s largest provider of outdoor stays, today announced the launch of its limited-edition Taste of Summer 2021 S’mores Kit, created in partnership with celebrity outdoor chef Kena Peay. Hipcamp surveyed 1,500 Americans to ask how they’d describe the way their summer tasted, then collaborated with Peay to create a recipe based on the top three answers: fruity (20.87%), boring (18.4%), and bitter (15.13%). The resulting Taste of Summer 2021 S’mores Kit is available online nationwide beginning September 1.

Photo credit: Brady Bates

To create the kit, Peay incorporated bittersweet chocolate squares, artisanal raspberry-infused marshmallows, and a burst of sweet and tart flavor from seeded raspberry jam. She also included a “choose your own adventure” offering of gourmet vanilla wafers, chocolate graham crackers, or traditional honey graham crackers to serve as a base for the s’mores.  

“We wanted to provide a unique treat to elevate campers’ next outdoor experience,” said Jessie Lucci, Hipcamp’s U.S. general manager. “There’s just no better treat than s’mores, and no better partner than Kena to bring a special twist to America’s favorite camping food. Kena’s delicious concept reflects both our collective experience of summer and provides an optimistic twist: there’s still time left to get outside, enjoy the season, and build some special memories with your friends and family. “

While supplies last, Hipcamp’s Taste of Summer 2021 S’mores Kit will be available at hipcamp.com free to the first 100 people who book a September stay in the United States with the company. The gourmet s’mores kits are also available for $30 each through Hipcamp’s Supply Shop. At Hipcamp, visitors can find a range of unique outdoor camping and glamping offerings like treehouses, cabins, yurts, tent camping, RV sites, and more, then upgrade their stay with extras like farm-to-table meals, goat yoga, and horseback riding.

“Hipcamp is, on so many levels, changing people’s relationship to the outdoors by making it more safe, easy, and fun,” said Peay. “This collaboration has been a joy, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to help spread my own passion for outdoor camping, cooking, and living.”

Since its founding, Hipcamp has opened access to more than 1.7 million acres of private land across the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and helped people enjoy more than 4 million nights under the stars. The average cost for an overnight stay is $50 per night, while many rustic camp sites listed to Hipcamp begin at $35 per night.

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Hipcamp’s Taste of Summer 2021 S’mores Kit, produced by 1927 S’mores Company, includes:

  • 4 luscious raspberry-infused marshmallows
  • 2 bittersweet chocolate bars (to be split in half)
  • 1 pack of seeded raspberry jam for a burst of sweet and tart flavor
  • 2 gourmet hand-crafted vanilla wafers
  • 2 2.5″ square dark chocolate graham crackers
  • 2 2.5″ square from-scratch honey graham crackers

Reality cooking star Chef Kena Peay is an outdoor influencer, accomplished desserts chef, and the founder of Soul Cake PopUp. She’s on a mission to make both the outdoors and great food more accessible to everyone. Because most outdoor chefs are white males, Chef Kena sees her role as a Black woman venturing boldly into nature and cooking delicious food there as a unique way to address racial injustice. Learn more about Chef Kena by following her on both TikTok and Instagram.

Chef Kena Peay (photo courtesy of SoulCakepopup.com)

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