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American Fine Art Announces “Avenue of Expression: Chagall, Tobiasse & Leger” Opening on February 11

Drawing out emotions from the collector, this spectacular exhibition is a sensory delight.  Take a walk down the Avenue of Expression at American Fine Art, Inc. opening to the public February 11, 2021.  Original works are available for purchase on a first come, first served basis, please contact the gallery to schedule an advance showing.

Theo Tobiasse at American Fine Art

This collection showcases the ardent passion of both Marc Chagall and Theo Tobiasse whose works are overflowing with rich color and form often presented with a dreamlike whimsy. Juxtaposed with the more abstract approach of Leger whose works are characterized by heavy black line and primary color.  All three artist’s emotions speak through their art with subjects ranging from the intimate love of a woman, the enduring warmth of a mother and child, the dedication of an artist to the canvas, the peace found in spiritual teachings, and the imagination fired by a circus performance.

Expressionist art tends to be emotional, even mystical, with clear roots in Cubism. Rather than trying to accurately represent the world, as artists had been doing since the Renaissance, Expressionist artists sought to express their subjective inner emotions, fantasies, or thoughts independent from “reality”. In this way, Expressionism can be seen as a rejection of the Impressionism movement that came before it and a precursor to Abstract art.

Marc Chagall at American Fine Art

The exhibition brings together more than one hundred & fifty paintings, drawings, lithographs, and etchings. A major highlight of the Avenue of Expression: Chagall, Tobiasse & Leger are the original limestones from the renowned publisher who worked with 20th century masters including Chagall, Leger, Matisse & Picasso to create beautiful lithographs. These are seldom ever available to see even in prominent museums – truly a unique glimpse into the medium of lithography and the acclaimed master colorist Marc Chagall.

American Fine Art is an international leader in fine art and Scottsdale’s premier fine art gallery specializing in 19th-21st century masters of fine art exhibited in prominent museums and private collections around the world. The gallery offers complimentary consultation for both experienced and novice collectors.

Exhibit on view through March 8, 2021.

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