How Redefining Travel in a COVID-19 World Can Impact

Mental Health, Human Connection and More

Adventure Explorations presents a newly released white paper entitled “The Future Is Now.” The piece takes a closer look at what life looks like in a COVID-19 world and how mental health, travel and communing with nature are being redefined.

Adventure Explorations’ new white paper details the way COVID-19 is redefining travel and leisure.

According to Harris Polls™, 47 percent of people report a negative impact of the virus on their mental health, with experts predicting a rise in depression and anxiety. Simultaneously, individuals’ outlook on travel has changed, with 73 percent saying they no longer feel safe on commercial flights and 67 percent stating they’ll wait more than three months to travel after states reopen.

As a result, people are craving connection and intimacy along with a deeper association with nature. In the past, a long vacation far away might have been the answer to this existential crisis but, given COVID-19, the way in which people decompress and refresh is predicted to shift. It is anticipated that people will seek to get away, using vacations for local and regional travel, visiting friends and family, and becoming more mindful of themselves or their surroundings through day-trips to surrounding areas. All of this is designed to foster a deeper connection with their environment.

Enter Adventure Explorations, a multi-disciplined, concierge adventure company using top-notch gear and guides to create custom experiences suitable for all ability levels and those with physical limitations. With discovery at its heart, adventure creates extraordinary moments of clarity, truth and connection, making Adventure Explorations a safe, timely answer to the increasingly disconnected, fractured age of COVID-19.

“We’ve always seen Adventure Explorations as being responsible for thought leadership and providing a vision for where the travel and outdoors industry is going,” said AE owner Chris Paradysz. “What’s found in the white paper may affect the trips you might want to take and may introduce you to new opportunities, locations, equipment and just plain fun that you didn’t imagine was possible before reading.”

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