Are you looking for advice on how to break in and stay in the entertainment business? If so, our spotlight on rising star Lanett Tachel is a Q&A you won’t want to miss!

WILES: How did you get started in the entertainment business?

LANETT: I started in the Entertainment Business in 6th grade in Prince George’s County Maryland, when I went out for the lead role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and booked it. At that point, I told my parents, all the money I save from here on out is to get me to Los Angeles.

WILES: When did you feel like this would be your career path?

LANETT: From the first moment I stepped on stage in school, I recognized the power of sharing a story/an idea/ or a moment with a group of people who were otherwise not connected. For me to be a part of that process in any way seemed like nothing short of magic.

WILES: What has been your biggest role to date?

LANETT: Hmm. I’d say my two biggest roles to date have included playing “KAHAIA’ in Surrounded, an action-packed shark movie directed by Jose Montesinos and my current lead role of TAMIKA in the brand new TV series PUMP directed by Corey Grant.

WILES: Tell me more about that particular production and where it was shot?

LANTETT: SURROUNDED was shot in Thailand and it was the adventure of a lifetime, both on and off set. Every person from the cast, to the crew, to the locals made the entire experience UNFORGETTABLE. My working days were spent acting, swimming, and free diving (per script), mostly on open water. And on my days off, I kayaked, played with elephants and explored the beautiful island of Krabi with castmates.

PUMP was incredible to shoot as well and it was shot in a gym in LA. This time I served as both Co-Creator and a Star of the series. The series revolves around a fitness trainer (Ray J) who briefly went commercial until his product line went bust, only to come crawling back to his dysfunctional co-workers at the gym. I play Tamika, the mouth all mighty receptionist, who runs point and knows all the gym’s secrets. I’ve never laughed so much on any shoot and I’ve never been more proud of a group of actors who put their all into making a show come alive. I fulfilled a dream of mine when we filmed a super hero title sequence and I got to FLY on set. And I was blessed to work with so many legends on the show. I don’t take it for granted.

WILES: What inspires you to keep going in an extremely competitive business?

LANETT: I have a need to tell stories. There is nothing that excites more than people having conversations prompted from a show they watched or a line they heard in the movie. Art reflects life and it is the responsibility of creatives – actors, writers, directors, producers, composers, designers, dancers – to express and present those truths to the world. I am a creative by any means necessary. If I have to write it, I do. If I need to produce it I have. But there is nothing like when I get to tell a story through acting. It is my first love and that’s what keeps me going.

WILES: What person (or people) made an impact on you in your career?

LANETT: My mother has always encouraged me to create. She’d make up her own children’s stories that became staples in the home. And when I told both of my parents what I wanted to do with my career, they never questioned me. That has always meant the world. Another person who has been hugely impactful has been Director, Corey Grant.  He was the first person to recognize my talents not just as an Actress, but as a Writer. Three movies and a TV series later, everything I’ve written has been widely distributed and enjoyed by the masses. For that I am forever grateful.

WILES:  What do you enjoy most when you are not working in front of the camera?

LANETT: Other than writing scripts, I really enjoy being by the water. I love waterskiing, swimming (with dolphins preferably) jet skiing, and beachside happy hours 😉 Water resets me.

WILES: What do you have coming up next?

LANETT: I currently star in a Sci-Fi Thriller entitled ATHENA that will be coming out in 2021. I am BEYOND excited about this futuristic thriller that captures so much social commentary from right now. The viewers are in for a wild ride.

WILES: What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out in the industry?

LANETT: Do it ALL. And the one thing that brings you the most joy…try to do that the MOST. But don’t close any doors on yourself. There are enough people who will do that for you. If you ultimately want to Act/Write/ or Direct, but there’s an opening for a P.A. position, TAKE IT. Find the need and fill it. Make yourself valuable and I promise when people see your heart and your hustle, they will help guide you to where you ultimately want to be.

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