PUMA closes unprecedented agreement with Palmeiras

and sponsors 23 female soccer athletes

The partnership with athletes from the same club, regardless of their individual performance, reflects the brand’s commitment to women and the intention to write a story with the female Palmeiras

Today, PUMA Brasil announced the sponsorship of 23 athletes from the female squad of Palmeiras, an unprecedented partnership in the world of football, which aims to support athletes who seek the fair recognition as sports stars, in addition to building significant new moments for this cast of women from Palestrinas. The proposal, which is not mandatory, was made for all athletes in the club, regardless of the position they play or the performance presented, showing PUMA’s commitment to support the team as a whole. On the part of the players, the receptivity was immediate and the collective sense spoke louder since 23 of the 27 athletes accepted the agreement as a way to help especially the players who have less opportunity to win a sponsorship.

To present these new partnerships, the PUMA campaign counts on the participation of all sponsored players, they are: the goalkeepers Vivi, Karen and Jully; defenders Janaína, Samara , Stella and Thais; the sides Isabella and Vitória; midfielders Ary, Bia, Carla Nunes , Dóroty, Juliana Passari, Karla Alves , Maressa, Nicoly and Tefy; and strikers Bianca, Monica, Livyan, Lurdinha and Ottilia. The four athletes who have not signed a partnership already have ties with other brands.

After the launch of “Uma Camisa Com História”, which highlights the plurality of Palmeiras, and “Nosso Verde Não Se Erase”, celebrating the renovation, PUMA Brasil relied on these messages and the consensus of the need to work and create more opportunities for the modality, to present the project involving the female cast of palmeirense and, thus, seek to hear what these women have to say within the universe of the brand. In addition to wearing PUMA boots and accessories in games and training, the athletes will have an active voice in the brand’s strategy, being present in campaigns and positions, both in the football segment and in sportstyle, mainly in relation to the speeches of the PUMA Women universe . A practical example is the recently launched #PUMACali campaign, casual sneakers aimed at women.

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