Gracianna Winery and Superior Farms Team to Offer Savings for Special Meals

Leading American lamb provider and maker of America’s most lauded Pinot Noir deliver highest quality award-winners direct to your table

Recognizing that families are reinventing how they will celebrate together, two of America’s foremost food & drink brands will offer special savings for those planning special gatherings for the holidays.

Gracianna Winery and Superior Farms will offer special savings for those planning special gatherings for the holidays.

Superior Farms, the premier purveyor of American lamb, has recently launched a new direct ordering initiative designed to make finding the best quality lamb as easy as possible. As part of the program, Superior Farms is offering customers of their new online store ( free 2-day shipping on any orders of their premium lamb offerings, from chops to racks to legs by using the discount code GRACIANNA.

The brilliant wines offered by Gracianna Winery of Sonoma County are all award-winners, and include the full range of offerings by the winery. All specially-priced gift bundles are handcrafted and gift packaged. Of note is a gift bundle, the “Gracianna Gold Medal” 3-Pack, featuring a bottle of the most-lauded Pinot Noir in America for 2020: the 2018 Westside Reserve Pinot Noir. All gift bundles include free ground shipping and can be ordered at

The association between Superior Farms and Gracianna harkens back to the days when the winery’s namesake, Gracianna Lasaga, would prepare special meals for the French-Basque sheepherders who tended to the flock and worked the land and in turn were rewarded by Gracianna’s grateful offerings. Superior Farms partners with small family farmers who share their commitment to the flock and the land they graze.

“One of the great food and wine pairings is lamb and pinot noir,” states Anders Hemphill, Vice President of Marketing for Superior Farms. “The best lamb deserves to be paired with the very best pinot noir. Gracianna’s wines are beautifully crafted and match the nuances of flavors with our American lamb. We’re proud to partner with Gracianna in this effort and believe that our customers will find that the result is meal that they’ll remember for many years.”

“Superior Farms is the best lamb grower in America and we are thrilled to partner with them. The analogy to winemaking is not lost on us. Sheepherding families, like winemakers, know it all starts outside, in the field,” says Lisa Amador, co-owner of Gracianna. “A sheepherder’s job is to manage a huge amount of lives in an enormous space just like a vineyard. Gracianna, a Basque sheepherder’s wife, would prepare simple but gracious meals that always included wine, a food staple as necessary as lamb. Her meal presentations, filled with thanks, were drawn from the legacy of hundreds of years of satisfying hungry herders with sustenance. This effort was delivered with grace, and that is what we aim to keep alive.”

Superior Farms is an employee owned company and the leading purveyor of farm-to-table American lamb. Proudly providing the highest quality natural lamb for a variety of recipes from weeknight dinners to Sunday brunch, lunches and more, Superior Farms offers a range of premium cuts that make it easy to have lamb for a change.

The Amador Family of Sonoma County are the owners of the award winning Gracianna Winery, a “fruit-first” craftsman’s winery on the Miracle Mile of Westside Road in Healdsburg, CA. Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitudes and graciousness in entertaining because of their belief that successfully hosting a special meal with friends and family is an everlasting circle that fills all our lives. Gracianna wines are for those with something to be grateful for.

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