Host of Miss New York USA Vows to Bring Heroic NY HealthCare Workers on 5 Star Vacation Featured on Global Child “Travel with Purpose” show on Amazon Prime Video

Augusto Valverde creator of the world travel show Global Child “Travel with Purpose” and host of Miss New York USA 2020 vows to bring several heroic NYC healthcare workers on an all-expenses paid vacation to an exotic destination in 2021.

“People need hope and our healthcare workers across the country are truly acting heroically. I can’t help everyone, but I can give back by bringing a couple of them on one of our next shoots and offering them the rest and reward they deserve,” says Valverde.

After his sister delivered a healthy baby boy on March 29th at Mt Sinai Hospital in Manhattan amid the covid-19 pandemic, Valverde says he has a debt of gratitude to the healthcare workers of New York.

“It will be my pleasure to bring a couple more of our medical heroes and give back to them whenever, however I can. Maybe we’ll get them to skydive or scuba dive with sharks like we did… after facing the coronavirus they’ll be able to face anything!”

Valverde a former theology student, who saw his Season 3 filming interrupted, also has words of encouragement for other struggling professionals.  “Right now, as the mood worldwide darkens in the face of this pandemic; we need to remember that we are each called to be the light of the world. This virus is invisible, and I believe that in order to overcome it, in addition to social distancing we need to access invisible tools like love, hope, faith, peace, patience and kindness. We are all spiritual beings and part of one Global family. You are a Global Child because no matter what you believe, who you vote for, your race or gender, we have so much more in common than what sets us apart. It’s time to set aside our differences, think of the safety of others first, love one another as a Global family and pray. We need to rise up in faith instead of succumbing to fear. I know we’ll get past this storm together… already it’s helping us to rediscover what truly matters.”

Global Child will resume filming Season 3 as soon as the travel bans are lifted.

About Global Child
Augusto Valverde has filmed the luxury adventure world travel show Global Child in 23 countries as they share positive life lessons and give back to the communities they visit.

Global Child has been featured on major airlines like American Airlines, Iberia and are currently streaming Season One on Amazon Prime with a reach of almost one billion viewers.  Valverde, a volunteer Christian jail chaplain based in Los Angeles, also hosted this year’s Miss New York USA beauty pageant.  He is currently writing a book for Simon Schuster about life lessons.  You can see Season 1 of Global Child on Amazon Prime Video and connect with Augusto via Instagram @GlobalChildTV and find out more on:

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