New MUCINEX® PSA Campaign Proclaims, “Back to Normal is Up to You”

Newly Created Art + Public Sculptures Promote Call-to-Action to Wear A Mask

Hourly news updates on the COVID-19 pandemic has the U.S. and its citizens being challenged on how best to protect themselves and their family & friends from the spread of this potentially life-threatening virus. With so many conflicting messages swirling around about how Americans can move in a positive direction, sometimes people just need a reminder that they have the power and we can all get there by wearing a mask. The science says that wearing masks saves lives and the leading experts are asking us to employ this simple effort as the absolute best way in this moment to fight the pandemic.

(Jesus Aranguren/AP Images for Mucinex)

To help bring this simple, yet important message and call-to-action to life, Mucinex – a leading cold and flu brand with a fighting spirit – launched the third phase of its new public health information campaign to help Americans fight through this national health crisis. The campaign – “Back to Normal is Up to You”  follows the first two Mucinex created in April and May, “Spread Facts, Not Fear” and “Be A Hero, Be Boring.” Like those two previous campaigns, the brand and its creative agency McCann New York and McCann Health NY have partnered with acclaimed artist Noma Bar, who has created a new collection of highly imaginative and thought-provoking images that deliver information and inspiration to consumers across the U.S.

Noma Bar’s new collection of images brings to life the PSA campaign messages in ways both entertaining and thought-provoking. With drawings that utilize Bar’s famous “double entendre” style, coffee mugs, cruise ships and computer screens double as masks, with copy that asks, “Miss coffee with friends?” “Miss cruise vacations?” and “Miss the office?” bringing to life the “Back to Normal is Up to You” campaign focus and the call to action to “Wear a Mask” all the more resonant. 

Further bringing this campaign and its messages to life, Mucinex is activating in one of the country’s COVID hotspots: Florida and its beaches. To help remind the residents of Florida and all those who love a summer trip to the beach that masks help stop the spread, the brand is delivering its “Back to Normal is Up to You” message in a uniquely artful way…in the sand. It’s new campaign encourages Americans to take action for themselves and shines a light on the importance of wearing a mask by creating public art displays in a medium Floridians and beach lovers know well, sand sculptures.

Local Florida sand artists were commissioned to create giant mask sand sculptures in some of Florida’s most popular beaches. Kicking off on Thursday, August 13, 2020 in Ft. Lauderdale on Lago Mar Beach, the campaign will make stops across the state in August, stopping in St. Petersburg beach the week of August 17, and at Jacksonville’s Neptune Beach Jacksonville the week of August 24, 2020. Mucinex will continue bringing Bar’s creative imagery to life by distributing custom-made masks that carry his eye-popping artwork, encouraging people to heed the expert’s advice. To accompany the sand sculpture activations, Bar’s art will also come to life on outdoor billboards and public locations in Florida in August, delivering the message that masks do indeed save lives.

“Everything we do at Mucinex is informed by science and data, and as with our first two campaigns, we turn to art to deliver our fact-based messages,” said Claudine Patel, Vice President, Marketing for Mucinex. “With increasing evidence that face masks are some of the most powerful tools we have to slow the spread of the virus, Noma’s art and these sand sculptures help spread the message that it’s up to all of us to help fight this global health crisis together in order to get our lives and world back to normal.”

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