2020 has given us plenty to feel down about: the loss of icons, the cancellation of nearly every area of normal life – not to mention the social, economic and human casualties from a global pandemic.  During a time of hand-wringing uncertainty, when the world is literally masked up and struggling to breathe, Angelica Vila is the breath of fresh air we all desperately need.

Roc Nation singer songwriter Angelica Vila

A 21 year-old R&B Queen-in-the-making, Roc Nation singer songwriter Angelica Vila hails from the Bronx. She possesses a grace and beauty that could easily rock runways from Paris to Milan.

And with her new album Deception SZN 1 dropping on July 31st, Angelica Vila is poised, without a doubt, to take over the world.

Kicking off the album, “Your Plug” featuring Mariah and Jenn Morel is the bachata influence summer banger that will have you waving the Dominican flag. Vila paid homage to Dominican icon, Anthony Santos, by sampling one of his most memorable bachata melodies. The album also features your soon-to-be-favorite song “Love Too Hard” featuring Tory Lanez.

Angelica first received national attention in 2016 with a response remix to Justin Bieber’s hit “Sorry.”

While the track was more of a novelty than an arrival, it set the stage for Angelica’s own music to gain an audience and was followed shortly by her debut EP 1998.

The five-song collection paired Vila’s powerful voice with hip-hop samples, offering a strong platform for her autobiographical songs of love and betrayal.

Her hit More in the Morning garnered over 3.5 million views on YouTube, and tracks like the steamy  All I do is 4 U and the sensual  Why featuring Jacquees are the stuff summer love soundtracks are made of.

People of a certain age will wax nostalgic as Angelica reminds them of the sultry street style of Aaliyah, the vocal voracity of Ashanti and Jennie from the Block’s strong sense of self. But add to that mix a fresh exuberance, openness and a spirited optimism and you’ll come close to feeling the force of nature that is Angelica Vila.

“I grew up listening to artists like Ashanti, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill. But I like a lot of artists out now, too. Jhene Aiko, Saweetie, Kehlani. My go-to album in quarantine is that new album Kehlani just dropped. Her song ‘Serial Lover.’  I relate to it because when I’ve been in those relationships that didn’t work out, I know what that feels like. It makes me grateful that I’m not going through that at this moment.”

But R&B divas aren’t the only people Angelica is listening to. She’s also blessed to have Fat Joe – one of the most iconic rappers of all time – in her ear, guiding her career.

“Having him by my side is a huge blessing. He guides me within the industry as well as personally. He used to always say, ‘Stay away from boys, be careful!” she laughed. “I try to listen to him and it’s a blessing to have him mentoring me and guiding me along the right path.”

Just like the rest of us, Angelica is finding ways to stay safe, sane and productive while we ride this COVID-19 storm out. From writing and recording new music, to working on personal projects a little closer to home, Angelica Vila is making her time count and her voice heard.

“The time we have during this quarantine, it’s a perfect time for us to work on ourselves – not just in love interest or romantic relationships – but even within our families, as well.”

And, just like the rest of us, the bubbly, confident, creative artist is really missing being able to do some of her favorite things. Specifically, performing.

“I love performing and interacting with people,” she shared. “Seeing young kids singing my song – when you have a personal experience – it’s completely different from getting likes or listens online. I really miss that connection between me and the audience.”

For those who may not be gifted with great vocals, Angelica has some advice for how each of us can use our voices in a meaningful way these days.

“Everybody should be using their platform to inform people who don’t know about Black Lives Matter. A lot of people overlook it, but it’s been happening for years. We have to end racism and push out more knowledge to the world. No justice, no peace.”

As a Latina in the game, Angelica Vila is taking the baton from the queens who came before her. And just like Selena, Christina Milian and Cardi B, she is hoping to represent and inspire the women in the game who’ll follow in her footsteps.  But for now, let’s all sit back, relax and enjoy watching her rise to the top.

So keep it locked because, as Angelica said –

“Y’all gotta stay tuned to my page ‘cause I’m gonna be dropping bombs!”

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