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Art As Investment: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Kiki Sterling Gallery’s 5 Tips for Gifting the Right Art Piece This Christmas

Finding the perfect present for everyone on your list is probably at the top of your mind right now—maybe even a source of stress. And if you’re wondering what kind of gift to buy for the person who “has it all,” you’re not alone!

That’s why the recommends a gift of art as a unique gift that is memorable and increases in value each year; the quintessential gift that keeps on giving.

The emerging artist’s category is the ideal category of art that’s not only beautiful to look at but, also the perfect gift-as-an affordable-investment, increasing in value and filled with sentiment that few other objects can rival.


  1. Choose art based on the person’s taste. Maybe they have a favorite subject matter or style, maybe they like abstracts or floral.

    Art-As-Gift: Trilogy / Fine Art Photography – By Arline Malakian, available at / Limited Edition 1/of 5

    Choose artwork that will speak to them. Remember, it’s not for you; it’s their gift FROM you.

  2. Think about their hobbies and passions: Their interests provide the perfect clues. Do they love outdoor sports, maybe landscapes will be right. Maybe they love travel and would enjoy abstract cityscapes.
  3. Visualize the space: Picture their home, consider their style, the colours and themes throughout their space. Do they have a traditional decor or more of a contemporary look? Do they display art? If so, consider what they showcase on their walls.
  4. Visit an online gallery: Visit the website to see which artworks will work in their space. Make purchase and delivery arrangements with the gallery.
  5. Originality counts: Remember, original art makes a very special and potentially valuable gift for everyone.

High profile emerging artists at the Kiki Sterling Gallery include internationally recognized Pauline T. Paquinfashion and fine art photographer Arline Malakian, abstract artist Zari Kazandjian, abstract figurative artist Moses Salihou and figurative artist Dina El-Sioufi.

Gift giving is an art and receiving something so unique and thoughtful will make the recipient feel special and since art lasts a lifetime, you’ll always share a beautiful connection.

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