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Celebrity Red Carpet Benefit: APAC Foster Kids Presents Crazy Giving Asian Pacific Islanders

APAC Foster Kids will present Crazy Giving Asian Pacific Islanders, taking place at The SoFI Rams Premiere Center on March 20, 2020, featuring celebrity guests such as Angela RockwoodMicheal CoponJennifer BraffKelly HuJakari Fraser (kid actor), Maceo Matrix (kid celeb dancer) and many more. An auction will also take place by Sean Danconia, a Disney and Hello Kitty/Sanrio Artist.

APAC Foster Kids is proud to bring Crazy Giving Asian Pacific Islanders to 12035 West Waterfront Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90094. For the first time, APAC Foster Kids will bring a group of people under one roof to discuss a disheartening topic: Asian Pacific Islanders in foster care and the lack of resources these children have in today’s society. APAC Foster Kids will use this event to help benefit the launch of a much bigger solution, which is to build an Arts & Music Academy, sponsor a trip to Disneyland and to help Asian Pacific Islanders in foster care learn life skills relevant to survive in today’s economy.

Celebrity Red Carpet Benefit For Asian Pacific Islander Foster Kids

A special tribute to Kobe Byrant and Gianna Bryant will be given by Jennifer Braff of the Laker family during the event. Gina Alexander, one of the founders of APAC Foster Kids, worked with Kobe Bryant designing merchandise for his Kobe Camp, bringing over 30 kids to the Kobe Academy, and was sent by Kobe to the Philippines to scout underserved kids to come to his camp on a scholarship. Gina will continue doing exactly what Kobe would want which is helping children in need.

Tickets can be purchased on https://crazygivingasiansmarch5.eventbrite.com you may email Jenny@JLFPR.com for any questions or concerns about the event.

“THIS IS MY PASSION and I have dear friends who are joining the mission to end kids in Foster homes and give them skills so they can survive life and help others.” —Grooming the Next Gen, Gina Alexander

We’re just a group of Asian Pacific Islanders helping children and teens in need. We look forward to the many programs and existing programs to help these kids with skills to survive the economy and living in Los Angeles.
–APAC Foster Kids, Katie and Makena 

Gina Alexander a mother to 2 beautiful adopted girls, Katie and Makena, says, “Who knows where they would be if they were not adopted.” Alexander is the Executive Director for Foster Adopt Social Impact Project (FASIP) and Former Board Member of Hope for Kids Adoptions in Atlanta. She traveled to Asia with many celebrities to serve at orphanages. With the sales of her handbags, she and her company also helped 12 kids find forever homes.

Celebrity Red Carpet for APAC Foster Kids in Los Angeles Thursday, March 20th, 2020 7-10pm Doors open 6pm SoFi Stadium Premiere Rooftop (home of the Rams & Chargers)*

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