An Incredible Easter

The Incredible Egg Shares Half a Dozen At-Home Easter Activities

Use items you have in your home to help make this Easter season special

Americans preparing for Easter this year will likely find that their plans look different from years past. While Easter plans may have changed, never has it been more important to connect with your loved ones, and make the most of an at-home Easter. The Incredible Egg is providing tips for at-home activities, recipes and decorating ideas to help families continue Easter traditions and find new ways to connect.

Half a Dozen At-Home Easter Activity Tips from The Incredible Egg:

#1: Use Fruits and Veggies from Your Fridge to Decorate your Eggs
No food coloring? No worries! Create naturally dyed Easter eggs using ingredients you may already have in your fridge, such as beets, orange peels, spinach leaves or grape juice. Adding vinegar to natural dyes helps deepen the color, as does increased time in the dye. Plus, eggs decorated with food-safe materials that aren’t left outside the fridge for more than two hours can be safely eaten. Find step-by-step instructions here.

#2: Create Something New with Baking Staples
More people than ever before are cooking at home. In fact, 57 percent of Americans are more likely to cook at home in the current environment. Wondering what baking activity you can do as a family? Hop into the Easter season by making deliciously adorable Easter Bunny Cupcakes. Get the full recipe here.

#3: Replicate a Classic Egg Roll in Your Backyard
Need to let out a little competitive energy? Bring the family together to see who can roll a hard-boiled egg down the lawn the fastest. The catch? You can only use a spoon to move your egg. The winner gets an extra Easter Bunny Cupcake! Learn an easy method to hard-boil eggs here.

#4: Add International Flair without Leaving Home
Elevate your Easter menu with recipes inspired by the flavors of the United Kingdom and Latin America. Our Traditional Hot Cross Buns and Tres Leches Mini Cakes are easy to make, with most ingredients found in your pantry.

#5: Raid the Craft Closet
Cascarones, or confetti eggs, are part of a tradition dating back to the 13th century. Beyond confetti, you can also fill your eggs with glitter, small sheets of tissue paper or even colorful cereal. Learn how to make cascarones like an egg decorating pro here. Plus, if your family is up for a backyard branch-finding hunt, you likely have all you need to replicate our DIY Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Tree!

#6: Take an Educational Field Trip … from Home
Gather the kids around the kitchen table and let America’s egg farmers provide some eggucation. These videos are great for all ages and offer a variety of interesting facts that showcase how eggs go from the farm to your home. Print out this farm-friendly coloring activity, and watch Eggs 101 videos here.

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