By Teryl Warren

Actor Chido Nwokocha by Chris Singer photography

Different. When asked to describe 2020 in one word, Chido Nwokocha laughed and simply said “Different.” Well, that’s a statement we can probably all agree on.

From the cancellations of beloved entertainment and sporting events, to obsessions over hand sanitizer and, yes, even toilet paper, 2020 has literally changed how we do, how we see and how we think about practically everything.

Are you struggling to stay fit and sane these days? Been binging on your favorite shows? Forgetting exactly where we are on the calendar?

As Chido told us, you are so not alone.

“It’s been different, for sure. Sometimes, I forget what day it is!” Chido laughed. “Without a normal routine, I feel like the days are blending into each other. I think I’ve watched the entire Netflix and Hulu catalogs!”

Like the rest of us, Chido has been spending a lot of time organizing and working on projects around the house that we never seem to get to in real life. And, also like the rest of us, he’s been living a socially distanced, virtual life – yet, staying connected through the power of technology.

“That’s one good thing. I’ve been able to check in on friends that I haven’t seen or talked to in a while, so I’ve been setting up a lot of Zooms!”

So, when Chido got the call that production was set to resume on Season 2 of his hit series Tyler Perry’s Sistas, needless to say, he was ready. But ready for what, exactly?

“I was excited to get back to work. Once Tyler Perry gave us the breakdown and his vision for what production would look like and all of the safety protocols, I was all in. I felt safe and secure and I wanted to get out of my house!

Tyler Perry Studios was, now famously, home to the first productions to get back to work in the COVID-19 era. And now, after running a successful shoot that included 25 episodes shot at lightning speed, the wait for the return of Tyler Perry’s Sistas is finally over.

Written, directed and executive produced by Tyler Perry, the dramedy series follows the ups and downs of four single Black women navigating the worlds of work and pleasure in Atlanta.

On the show, Chido portrays the sexy, successful and, shall we say, scandalous Gary Marshall Borders. On any given day, Gary can be work, pleasure and everything in between. And while a man like Gary in real life will make you wanna holler, Gary’s onscreen antics will have you yelling at the TV.

The 2-hour premiere of Season 2 airs on Wednesday, October 14 at 9pm EST/8pm CST, and fans can tune in every Wednesday thereafter to find out the answers to burning questions like:

Will Danni and Preston move in together?

Will Andi stay with Gary?

Online, Tyler Perry has promised this season will be “FIYAH!” And what can fans expect from Gary Marshall Borders?

“We’re taking everything up a notch! There’s still gonna be a ton of drama, sprinkled with a few toxic elements,” Chido laughed. “We’re definitely gonna deliver that roller coaster ride that viewers are looking for!”

The popularity of Tyler Perry’s Sistas is something that has also made Chido Nwokocha’s world different. Wonderful, yet different.

“The engagement with the fans is definitely new and great,” Chido told us. “Online, on social media is great. And sometimes, people will run into me on the street and say ‘You look familiar. Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ I just smile and say, ‘I don’t know?!’”

While a lot has changed in the year since we last sat down with Chido, it’s nice to see that some things haven’t changed.  He’s still just as friendly and personable as he was before. He still possesses a spirit of optimism that is refreshing and rare among Hollywood heartthrob ranks. And he still approaches every opportunity with gratitude, enthusiasm and professionalism.

This fall, fans will be able to check out Chido in his stint on the Fox drama series The Resident. Until then, buckle up and get ready for the wild ride that can only be found on Tyler Perry’s Sistas!


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