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Olive Oils From Spain: Five Easy Recipes to Help

Working Professionals to Build the Perfect Body

With the continuous acceleration of the pace of modern urban life and increasing work pressures, the health problems of working professionals are becoming more and more serious.

According to the data from The Health Condition of White-collar Workers in China White Paper, more than 76% of white-collar workers in major cities in China were in the sub-health states, and nearly 60% of them were overtired, while the healthy workers only accounted for less than 3%.

Olive Oil, the ingredient of a balanced diet

Moreover, unhealthy and irregular diet directly causes physical health problems. A noteworthy social phenomenon is the popularity of take-away culture. According to a survey conducted by the Food and Beverage Association and, 22% of the young workforces in China order take-away fast food once a day, 69% of them order take-away fast food at least once a week, and only 2% do not eat fast food at all.

Olive Oils from Spain are perfectly integrated into Chinese cuisine and can help to build the perfect body. Here are some low-calorie and healthy recipes with this product to bring to the office:

  1. Fried Chicken Breast with Chinese Broccoli (177 kcal)
    The Chicken Breast is tender with great taste without worrying about getting fat; easy to prepare.
  2. Lotus Root and Ribs Soup (91 kcal)
    Ribs provide high quality protein and essential fatty acid for human beings. The flavor of Olive Oils from Spain blends well with Lotus Root and Ribs soup. It’s a perfect soup with high nutritional value.
  3. Shelled Shrimps with Corn and Petits Pois (190 kcal)
    This is an inviting dish, rich in color and smooth in taste. It is an excellent choice of nutrients and flavor. At the meantime, it is a very classic fast dish for busy office workers to prepare.
  4. Black Fungus in Vinegar Sauce (70 kcal)
    Black Fungus is a famous edible fungus with delicate taste, special flavor and rich nutrition. This nutritious ingredient is used as salad with a few drops of Olive Oils from Spain is the best choice on the table in summer.
  5. Pan-Fried Sole Fish (93 kcal)
    Sole Fish has a fresh, delicious, and smooth tasty, rich in protein and nutrition.

In 2018, Olive Oils from Spain in collaboration with the European Union launched a three-year promotional campaign of Olive Oil World Tour which is committed to promoting the health benefits of olive oil and the European healthy lifestyle around the world. Since then, Olive Oils from Spain has successfully brought the unique culture and innumerable applications of olive oil to Chinese consumers.

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