The Art of Brunch

Belvedere Vodka Celebrates The Art Of Brunch With

Chef & Wellness Guru, Candice Kumai

Recognizing that brunch goers around the country are seeking out clean, organic, and less processed choices, Belvedere Vodka is celebrating “The Art of Brunch” with chef and wellness guru, Candice Kumai. Together, they will expertly illustrate how to create an engaging and memorable at-home brunch experience by pairing Kumai’s fresh ingredients with Belvedere’s thoughtful cocktails, with a little help from artificial intelligence.

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Belvedere Vodka, made from the simple and natural ingredients of rye and water, is introducing brunch cocktail recipes that include only the freshest ingredients: from mixer to garnish— bringing the natural character of the liquid to the forefront. The pristine Polska rye, from Poland’s legendary grain agriculture industry, used to produce Belvedere demonstrates the brand’s commitment to character and quality.

Having written six best-selling cookbooks based on healthy eating, Candice will showcase some of her most impressive at-home brunch dishes– those that are easy to make and perfect for intimate gatherings. “I’m so excited to bring this brunch experience to life with Belvedere. One of the best ways to elevate a meal is with a proper beverage, and these cocktails—with real, fresh ingredients — pair perfectly with both my unique and classic brunch recipes! You’ll love these new pairings that will amp up your taste buds and game in the kitchen,” said Candice Kumai of this partnership.

Brunch enthusiasts can find these recipes at and by tapping into Belvedere’s newly launched Chatbot through Belvedere Vodka Facebook Messenger via mobile app or desktop – Intended as an interactive “edutainment” tool for those interested in elevating their at-home brunch experiences, the Chatbot will give consumers the opportunity to interact with Candice and discover specific brunch recipes and tips.

“Brunch is one of the most celebrated meals and we are very excited to collaborate with Candice Kumai again, whose approach to using natural ingredients aligns with ours,” said Carlos Zepeda, VP, Belvedere Vodka at Moët Hennessy USA. He continued to add, “Our newly launched chatbot platform will provide inspiration to home cooks and cocktail aficionados with specially curated recipes and tips.”


The six sensational Belvedere brunch cocktails are ideally paired with Candice Kumai’s sumptuous dishes.

THE BELVEDERE POLSKA MARY, a refreshing take on the classic Bloody Mary, draws influence from traditional Polish Beetroot soup. A savory mix of Belvedere Vodka, tomato juice, beetroot and spices, paired with Candice’s Miso Avocado Toast.

THE BELVEDERE RUBIN, a crisp and fruity combination of Belvedere Vodka, grapefruit & orange juices, a hint of green tea, vermouth and tonic water creates a light and refreshing summer drink, paired with Candice’s Sundried Tomato and Mushroom Frittata.

THE BELVEDERE BRUNCH BLISS, a delightful combination of sweet and tart flavors featuring Belvedere Vodka, fresh lime juice, honey, a dash of bitters, and finished with a kombucha float, paired with Candice’s Toasted Almond Sticky Buns.

THE BELVEDERE SPICE OF LIFE, a savory cocktail to pair with a sweet brunch dish, is made with Belvedere Vodka, fresh squeezed carrot and lemon juice, ginger syrup, a touch of miso powder, and garnished with a dash of chilli flakes, paired with Candice’s Sweet Potato Pancakes.

THE BELVEDERE POMME HIGHBALL, a light and refreshing Belvedere Vodka highball cocktail, with undertones of fresh citrus and apples, paired with Candice’s Fresh Peach Ginger Cobbler

THE BELVEDERE  MORNING TWIST, a bold and energizing combination of Belvedere Vodka, coffee liqueur, ground nutmeg and coffee, with a blend of almond and hemp milk, paired with Candice’s Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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