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With the average length of an NFL career lasting just over three years, experts, trainers, reporters, fans and – naturally – colleagues all want to know “the secret” or “the recipe” of success for a player still at the top of his game in his 13th year in the league.

That player is Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis – and along with years of hard work and dedication – that secret recipe has been his streamlined and game-tested, go-to supplements that have earned him the nickname “The Ageless Wonder.”

After years of trial and error, endorsements, and scientific data provided by professionals, the 34-year-old marvel is allowing health enthusiasts of all types to see into his world via his brand-new supplement company – Timeless.

“After many successful endorsement partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest brands, I wanted to create a line that trimmed the fat so to speak,” said Davis. “I’m done with the days of promoting a brand that has 100s of products I don’t use, and maybe five or six that I do. With Timeless, I’m providing a safe, healthy, and vetted product that will add true value and assistance to the goals our customers are looking to achieve.”

Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis

The Timeless product line has initially launched with eight supplements supporting the four fitness pillars: performance, power & strength, nutrient support and recovery. They are:

  • 3Carb+ – Adds carbohydrates before, during and after any high-intensity training.
  • Amino Kick – Provides fast-acting energy, improves overall performance, and helps muscles recover quicker.
  • Daily MVP – Contains a combination of vitamins, mineral and other nutrients used to support better health while also filling in nutritional gaps to prevent deficiencies.
  • Greens Powder – Contains ingredients that provide vitamins and nutrients to support healthy immunity, gut health, and quick recovery times.
  • Joint Support – Aims to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and build up the properties of the joints that have been torn or worn away, creating a stronger and less painful joint.
  • Omega-3 – Made with the perfect ratio of fish oil, EPA, and DHA necessary for heart, brain, joint, and muscle health.
  • Redzone Preworkout – Enables peak performance and efficiency in the gym.
  • Whey Protein – Builds and repairs tendons, organs, and enzymes while keeping muscles in proper growing condition.

Developed by regulatory and quality specialists at Body Nutriceuticals, most of the products are free from ingredients made with GMOs, preservatives and gluten.

“If you can strive to be your best self every day mentally, emotionally, and physically, the quality of your life will not be measured by your age, how many reps you can lift in the gym, or how many touchdowns you can score, but by understanding the value of discipline, health, and happiness,” Davis added. “This philosophy, in a nutshell, is Timeless.”

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