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Just what your Insta feed needs: California Cling Peaches, not just for cottage cheese anymore

Nine new creative, Quick and Easy recipes from the California Cling Peach Board

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless or time-consuming. The California Cling Peaches website now features 9 simple new recipes that are perfect for today’s active families…and your Instagram feed! The recipes can be accessed via this link:

Nine New California Cling Peaches “Quick and Easy” Recipes. Simple, Practical and Delicious

According to Karli Quinn, Director of the California Cling Peach Board, each of the Quick and Easy recipes reflects the sensibilities of today’s consumers – people who are often short on time due to full schedules, but who refuse to compromise on the quality and wholesomeness of the foods they eat.

“These are more than just recipes – they’re a path to a lifestyle of practical nutrition,” Quinn said. “The recipes are simple and pared-down yet totally on-trend, making it easy for busy families to try some fun, flavorful ways to enjoy California Cling Peaches in the home.”

Adding to that simplicity is the fact that each Quick and Easy recipe is designed with practicality in mind, using (in addition to California Cling Peaches) other ingredients that are readily available in typical grocery stores.

Equally nutritious: fresh, cans, jars or cups

In a generation that wants meaningful information and real connections with its foods, many are still surprised to learn of the nutritional equivalency of California Cling Peaches. Quinn explains:

“According to recent studies by Oregon State University and Michigan State UniversityCalifornia Cling Peaches in cans, jars and single serve cups are just as nutritious as fresh peaches. Which not only gives consumers more options when they shop, but means year-round availability for delicious, nutritious California Cling Peaches.”

Details on the university studies can be accessed here:

Equally nutritious in all its forms, and now with nine new Quick and Easy recipes to try, California Cling Peaches are living up to their slogan: “Always Ready, Always Nutritious, Always Delicious.”

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