Socialite Spotlight: Lori & Shailene Woodley



On April 29th, All It Takes® – the nonprofit organization founded by Lori and Shailene Woodley – hosted a reception and dinner to commemorate the positive influence it has had on youth from California and beyond since its founding in 2010 and to share plans for its continued growth and success moving forward. Shailene and Lori were joined at the Lasting Legacy event by Storm Reid, Frances Fisher, Douglas Smith, Kendrick Sampson, Isidora Goreshter, and Ricky Garcia among others. The event featured performances by Forever in Your Mind and All It Takes® alumna, youth ambassador and international speaker, 14-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes. Youth advocate and founder of Count Me In, Shane Feldman, offered remarks.


CYPRESS, CA - APRIL 28: Lori Woodley (L) and Shailene Woodley speak during the All It Takes Lasting Legacy event at the headquarters of Earth Friendly Products (ECOS) to celebrate youth leadership on April 28, 2018 in Cypress, CA. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for All It Takes )

All It Takes’® Youth Leadership Programs teach young people at a critical life stage to practice honor, acceptance, compassion and respect to create sustainable, positive change among their peers, family members, society and the environment. Through onsite school programming, grade-wide overnight trainings, and Weekend Legacy Programs, All It Takes® teaches elementary and middle-school aged children a simple yet effective decision-making process that puts them in charge of their lives and builds responsibility, self-efficacy, kind action, self-esteem, resilience and the confidence to create the change they want to see in the world.


“Our tactic with All It Takes® is to encourage young people to rise up and help bring out the natural leadership that they all have within them. Now more than ever, it is so important to empower our youth with kindness, empathy, compassion, self-worth and self-love so that as they grow into adults, hopefully they have a chance at a future that looks different,” said Shailene Woodley.


Television personality Joby Harte led an upbeat program as the evening’s MC and highlighted All It Takes’® work to cultivate leadership through active individual and team training. Throughout the evening, the discussion focused on the incredible things young people can achieve when they have the critical skills to conquer their everyday challenges and are empowered to use those skills.


“Our goal is to give every youth the self confidence to live the dreams, the purpose and the passions that are right for them; to teach them that they can stand up for who they are, stand up for one another and to go out and make purposeful, positive change for themselves, for each other and for our planet,” said Lori Woodley.


The Lasting Legacy event was imagined to commemorate the extraordinary development of All It Takes® and share plans for how it will continue to help as many students as possible to create positive outcomes for themselves, others, and the planet. The organization has grown rapidly over the past two years, from serving 240 students in 2016 to over 10,000 youth this school year.


“We need to build life skills and tools within students as young as elementary and middle school age so that they can flourish as they grow up, make a difference and live the lives that we know they are capable of. All It Takes® is doing that incredibly important work and this is truly just the beginning of the amazing impact it’s going to have on people across the country,” said Shane Feldman.


Westside Union School District of Southern California was recognized during the evening for its dedication to the social-emotional wellbeing of its students. AIT’s powerful programs are implemented throughout the district in grades 4-8, enriching campus culture and promoting safety for thousands of students. The dinner program included remarks by Regina Rossall, Superintendent of Westside Union School District.


In honor of Earth Month, the event was held at the headquarters of Earth Friendly Products®, the maker of ECOS™ brand of environmentally friendly laundry detergents and other household cleaners. All It Takes® youth programs are generously supported by Earth Friendly Products®. Earth Friendly Products® President & CEO Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks welcomed guests to the event.

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