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The RealReal and Stella McCartney Raise Awareness of the Circular Economy with New Earth Day Campaign

The RealReal, the leading authenticated luxury consignment company, and its partner Stella McCartney have launched a new Earth Day campaign to bring greater awareness to the circular economy for luxury fashion. The ad, titled “the Future of Fashion is Circular”, promotes a “make well, buy well, resell” mindset encouraging fashion designers to produce high quality items and shoppers to be conscious in purchasing items that retain value–and in time, reminding them to resell to new buyers. This extends the life of luxury items, keeps them out of landfills, and puts them in the hands of new owners.

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Fashion waste and landfills will be significantly reduced if more people participate in the circular economy. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 85% of textiles end up in our landfills and the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. Consignment, reuse and recycling only accounts for 15% of apparel each year.

“At Stella McCartney we have been working for years to ensure that our supply chains represent some of the most traceable and sustainable in fashion while also continuing to ensure that our products, which are made to last, have long lives and never end up as waste.  This campaign is about raising the awareness on a circular approach to fashion.  We alongside The RealReal are making the commitment now and we can only hope that others will follow.”

The partnership between The RealReal and Stella McCartney was created to educate consumers that they can make a positive impact on the planet by joining the consignment movement.

The joint Earth Day campaign features:

  • A new TV ad, radio ad and social campaign with Stella McCartney and The RealReal that encourages consumers to buy well-made items that can be re-circulated.
  • An expansion of the existing partnership — when someone consigns any Stella McCartney item on The RealReal, they will receive $100 to shop at Stella McCartney. And, now, in all Stella McCartney stores across the US, store associates are incentivized to encourage shoppers to consign their Stella McCartney items once they are done.
  • charity sale on The RealReal, benefitting Thames21 charity, with select, sustainable items from Stella McCartney archives, including organic denim, sustainable wool, organic cotton, eco nylon, and more.

“Our Earth Day campaign with Stella McCartney is all about expanding people’s perception of sustainability to include resell. We want people to think about buying well so their items can be circulated numerous times in the economy,” said The RealReal CEO and Founder Julie Wainwright. “We’re proud to stand with a brand that has such integrity like Stella McCartney and to promote the circular economy and its impact on sustainability.”

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