Tissue Wedding Gown at Paris Fashion Week

Vinda 4D-Deco Tissue Wedding Dress Showcased at Paris Fashion Week

On the afternoon of July 5 (local time), leading Asia-based hygiene products and services provider Vinda showcased its 4D-Deco Tissue Wedding Dress at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, in cooperation with Chinese online retailer Tmall Supermarket and Chinese fashion designer Lan Yu. Designed by Lan Yu, founder and design director of the LANYU brand, the Tissue Wedding Dress was exclusively made of Vinda DELUXETM 4D-deco Tissues. The unique wedding gown became one of the highlights at the fashion event. This is the first time the gown has been showcased in an international setting since the Chinese government listed brand building as a national strategy in 2017. Vinda, through the 4D-Deco tissue wedding dress, has raised the visibility of China’s facial tissue art and thus shown how high quality of a single piece of tissue could be.Tissue art is another example of the new level of the quality of goods and services that are being produced in and exported from China today.

As a premier event in the fashion community, the annual Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week attracts the world’s top luxury brands, with Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Fendi as leading examples. LANYU 2017 Fall and Winter Haute Couture Show, themed “Graceful Girl”, was inspired by the artistic renditions of The Twelve Beauties of Jinling, the leading female characters in the Chinese classical novel Dream of the Red Chamber. Isabelle Huppert, winner of the Best Actress at Cesar Awards 2017, was among a host of global celebrities who watched the event.

“The Vinda 4D-Deco tissue wedding dress was inspired by the unique and unrivaled lifestyle of Paris, with the aesthetics that are part and parcel of the 4D-Deco embossing technology combined with the comfort delivered by the strong yet soft tissues coming together to embody the romance and grace of Paris.”

Using Vinda 4D-Deco tissues as the basis for a wedding gown represents not only a bold attempt by a courageous designer in the world of fashion but also a whole new and transformative twist in the selection of materials for bridal attire. In recent years, haute couture designers have become increasingly demanding in terms of materials, with those that are friendly to the skin increasingly favored. Vinda’s next-generation DELUXETM4D-Deco series of tissues are notably non-irritating, with a feel that is especially comfortable to the skin, thanks to the world’s leading 4D-Deco embossing technology. Lan Yu, the designer, selected the tissues as the yarn of choice for the wedding gowns, offering the ultimate in a skin-friendly experience.

The 4D-deco tissue wedding dress demonstrates both Chinese classical beauty and western modern elements through the combination of a skin-friendly and comfortable soft Oriental texture and the exquisite and elegant 4D-Deco embossing technology in the design and production of the dress, said insiders from the fashion community.

Vinda marketing director Zhong Feng said, Vinda’s tie-up with Lan Yu, a top-level designer within the haute couture industry, and Tmall Supermarket, a brand actively advocating the concept of an “ideal life”, made it possible to have a presence of Vinda’s exclusive tissue wedding dress and DELUXETM 4D-deco Tissue at the world’s top fashion event. With the two partners, Vinda was able to showcase the 4D-Deco artisan quality to the world in a well-recognized international setting, while, at the same time, highlighting the combination of a new fashionable form and a more skin-friendly experience.

This is not the first time that Vinda and Lan Yu have cooperated in the roll out of a tissue wedding dress. In 2016, the Vinda brand and Lan Yu jointly launched a tailored tissue wedding gown, and made a stunning appearance with Taiwanese actress and international star Lin Chi-ling as the model. The successful experience laid a solid foundation for the continued cooperation between the two parties and become an important factor contributing to the launch of tissue bridal attire in Paris.

The transformative technology and the unusually comfortable texture come together to raise the expectation that the 4D-Deco will become an epoch-making fashion item and a leading industry trend. Through Lan Yu’s exquisite handmade tailored technology and the support of Tmall Supermarket, China’s facial tissue art and quality has taken front and center on the stage in Paris.

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