The 2017 Gazprom International Children’s Forum

“Soccer for Friendship” brought together children from 64 countries

THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF CHILDREN “FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP” 2017, organized by Gazprom, official partner of FIFA and the 2018 FIFA World Cup ™, was held in St. Petersburg. More than 1,000 guests from 64 countries around the world attended the event. Young participants of both sexes, from all ethnic backgrounds and physical capacities, journalists representing the world’s leading international media, football stars, Olympic and Paralympic champions, FIFA legends, FIFA Russian Olympic Committee, international charities for children, and the leaders of the Football Federations took part. The main values ​​of the program, which all guests defend, are peace, equality and a healthy lifestyle.

Viktor Zubkov, Fatma Samoura, Júlio Baptista, Philippe Le Floc’h (PRNewsfoto/GAZPROM FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDS)

The fifth season of FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP (F4F) was held in a new format and brought together participants from Europe , Asia, Africa, North and South America. According to the DRAW at the beginning of the fifth season, the young ambassadors were grouped into eight international TEAMS OF FRIENDSHIP and met in St. Petersburg at the INTERNATIONAL GAZPROM CHAMPIONSHIP F4F 2017.

For the first time this year, a friendship relay was organized. This is the national qualification phase for young football players and young journalists which took place in all participating countries. The results and names of the participants were announced on 25 April, on the occasion of the International Day of Soccer and Friendship, in which thousands of children and adults joined the event to tie The friendship bracelets – the official symbol of the program.

As part of the fifth season of the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP program, Gazprom created the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF CHILDREN, where young journalists covered the events of the program in their countries by preparing information and other documents for the main International sports media. The children took part in the preparation of the documents for the international television channel FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP, the international children’s newspaper, official radio stations and publications on social networks. Resources were prepared in 43 languages. The final events of the FIFTH SEASON OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL SOCIAL PROGRAM “GAZPROM’S FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP” were covered by 2,000 journalists from all over the world.

At the beginning of the F4F final phase, children and adults from around the world took part in a three-day friendship camp, including football training sessions with young coaches, master classes with players Celebrated football, nine-value school games, and Olympic lessons including speeches by leaders and ambassadors of the Russian Olympic Committee.

Traditionally, all young participants in the FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDS PROGRAM go together with their new friends to a football match. This year they had the opportunity to support the national teams of Chile and Germany in the final of the FIFA Confederations Cup held at the new stadium in St. Petersburg.

“We have launched a project in which young football players play a key role, and this initiative has supported many athletes, journalists and civil society organizations. This year, we saw a record number of 64 participating countries. Children from around the world were able to show their commitment to the ideas of equality and peace and become true ambassadors of the “FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP”, said Victor Zubkov , Chairman of Gazprom .

“We are pleased to support this unique initiative of our partner Gazprom. This forum is a perfect example of what football can do to open doors for girls and boys of all origins, a mission that FIFA actively supports, “said Fatma Samoura , FIFA Secretary General.

The international social project for children ”  Football for ‘ friendship  ‘ (F4F) is organized by Gazprom since 2013. This project aims to develop youth football and promote the values of tolerance and respect for different cultures and ethnicities in Children from around the world. The main ranges and values defended by the project participants include the ‘ friendship, ‘ equality, justice, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and ‘ honor.

The International Forum for Children ”  Football for ‘ friendship  ‘ is ‘ the most important event of the project, bringing together young players from different countries to discuss the promotion of core values worldwide with media professionals and Famous football players.

The project  F4F has a special price  : Cup nine values is a unique trophy awarded to a professional football club for the implementation of ‘ social initiatives based on the values of the project. The winner is chosen by the young ambassadors of the F4F through a ballot organized in all countries participating in the project.

Thousands of participants join the F4F each year. Since its inception, the ‘ geographical scope of the project s ‘ expanded considerably, from 8 countries in 2013 to 64 in 2017. Hundreds of young athletes have become ambassadors of the movement  F4F and values in their respective countries. The bracelet of ‘ friendship, official symbol of F4F, is carried by over 400  000 people worldwide, including children, adults, athletes and renowned journalists, artists, politicians and heads of The State.


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