Down Time: Miami Art Deco

Miami Beach Invites Visitors to Experience the

Glitz and Glamour of Art Deco Style

As one of the first 20th-century neighborhoods to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, the Art Deco District continues to prove that there’s more to Miami Beach than enviable warm weather and coveted beaches. Characterized by distinct geometric shapes, ocean liner motifs and bright pastel colors, the Art Deco style of the 1920’s and 30s is a key influence in the city’s landscape and recalls visitors back to the past. From walking tours to featured exhibits, the city is offering an array of events year-round to share the rich history and culture of Miami Beach’s defining style.

The Art Deco District continues to prove that there's more to Miami Beach than enviable warm weather and coveted beaches (Photo Credit: Wyn Van Devanter)

A tour of Ocean Drive, the center of Art Deco in Miami Beach, is a must-see for guests wanting to soak in the atmosphere and culture of the city. With buildings painted lovely shades of eggshell blue, pastel pink, and more, Ocean Drive is a kaleidoscope of color. With more than 800 structures to explore, one simple stroll down Ocean Drive represents the 1920’s style moderne.

“Whether guests experience the history through a stay at one of the many boutique hotels that paint Ocean Drive, or by taking the Miami Design Preservation League’s official Art Deco Walking Tour, a glimpse into Miami Beach’s past is an essential part of any visit,” says Peggy Benua, Chair of the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA).

For visitors with a knack for both art and history, there is no shortage of events. Just this month, the annual Art Deco Weekend celebrated its 40th edition, with numerous free Great Gatsby themed events. In addition, once a month, the Miami Design Preservation League offers a special Gay and Lesbian version of their walking tour. This tour shares the gay and lesbian history of Miami Beach and informs guests on how Gays and Lesbians are playing an integral part in shaping the future of Miami Beach. On Friday’s, the Wolfsonian Museum on Ocean Drive also offers a free guided tour of permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

“From the sidewalk cafés to the many hotels that line Ocean Drive, Art Deco architecture is at the core of Miami Beach’s essence,” says Grisette Roque, Executive Director of the MBVCA. “There’s always something going on, with so much to see, it truly is a one of a kind experience. The bustling sidewalks and neon hotel signs draw guests right into the heart of the action, providing the perfect photo opportunities.”

The signature Art Deco style isn’t just limited to Ocean Drive. For guests hoping to continue exploring Miami Beach’s architectural beauty, Collins Avenue also features many Art Deco buildings such as The Raleigh and The Delano.

With so much to see and learn, Miami Beach invites travelers from around the world to explore, discover and sightsee. Download the Miami Beach Information App at for the latest on hotel deals, events and special offers.


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