Dove’s Real Beauty

Dove Calls on Real Women to Share Their #RealBeauty Stories

to Change How Women are Seen for the Next 60 Years

Shonda Rhimes partners with Dove to bring real stories to life

Dove is celebrating 60 years of showcasing and caring for real women. In that time, beauty has continued to evolve —at a faster rate than the industry can keep up with. In fact, 69% of women agree that that they don’t see themselves reflected in advertisements, movies, and television.1 Dove is launching Real Beauty Productions because all women and girls have the right to see their #RealBeauty represented in media and culture. Partnering with Shonda Rhimes as the project’s first Creative Director, Dove will rally women to help shape #RealBeauty for 60 years to come.

Real Beauty Productions is a new collaborative content studio that will give women and girls the opportunity to share personal stories that expand the definition of beauty. When women share their stories at some will inspire films to be created throughout the year. The women behind the selected concepts will join Shonda Rhimes on-set to film their own stories. Industry findings suggest that one solution to on-screen diversity is to hire more women on production crews. Real Beauty Productions has set a goal to employ an entirely female crew to ensure a women’s perspective shapes the film from every angle – in front of and behind the camera.

Shonda Rhimes has been a pioneer in celebrating diverse and inclusive beauty on screen and now she’s working with Dove to put the power directly into the hands of real women and girls. “I have always told stories to show us who we really are – our real human truths,” Shonda said. “The way women are depicted on our screens – big and small – must be challenged. I am personally eager to see the real and unexpected stories women will share with us.”

Beginning on March 30th, women are encouraged to share their #RealBeauty story on The brand has spent 60 years listening to and caring for real women and is proud to amplify these voices and change the beauty narrative on screens everywhere. “True to our Real Beauty Pledge, Dove remains committed to only feature real women, to never digitally alter their appearance, and to help the next generation develop a positive relationship with beauty. And, we are taking our leadership to the next level,” said Nick Soukas, Vice President of Marketing for Dove. “We are thrilled to partner with Shonda and real women everywhere. By putting the power directly into the hands of real women and girls, they can truly represent who they are, as beautiful, confident and diverse individuals.”

Stand up with Dove to ensure every woman and girl sees themselves and their stories represented in media and culture. Dove Real Beauty Productions and you will help change the way women and girls are seen for the next 60 years.

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