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DIY Beauty Revolution Sweeps the Nation as

UK Women Ditch the Salon in Their Droves

Braun reveals that two thirds of British women are skipping treatments at the salon in favour of doing at home beauty

New research by beauty tech brand Braun has revealed a seismic shift in beauty behavior with two thirds of British women (66%) avoiding salon treatments in favor of DIY beauty in their own homes.  Traditionally the preserve of ‘the professionals’, head-to-toe treatments including hair color, facials, hair removal, fake tan, manicures and pedicures are now turning DIY, with women increasingly taking their beauty regimes into their own hands.

This latest beauty industry revelation from Braun comes on the back of recent data from professional beauty product supplier Salon Services, which revealed British women who visit the salon for hair removal and facial treatments now wait 50% longer between appointments compared to 2015[1] (6 weeks, instead of 4 weeks).

When it comes to the evolution of beauty, women are increasingly refusing to play by the old rules of being tied to time-consuming treatments and exorbitant expense.

The Braun range is designed to meet the specific needs of women, to help them to achieve the flawless, salon-worthy results they seek in the comfort of their own home.

An appetite for at home beauty

Additionally, the survey also shows that those who do not yet practice at home beauty are keen to join the DIY revolution, with only a lack of knowledge and education about specific products (and results) holding them back:

  • Over a third of women (38%) would do more home beauty treatments if they felt confident they’d get the same results as a salon
  • Over a quarter of women (28%) would do more beauty treatments at home if they had more information on which products to use

Real beauty shouldnt mean a sacrifice

When asked why they were turning to DIY treatments, two thirds of women (66%) said that they now carry out at home beauty because trips to the salon are too expensive.  This outgoing is also seen as a luxury by the majority of those polled (69%), perhaps indicating why so many are choosing to take back control of their beauty regimes.  Furthermore, an overwhelming 97% of British women say that they can save up to £1200 a year by doing their beauty maintenance themselves.

The survey also revealed that women feel that there are more important things to spend this money on such as:

  • New clothes (20%)
  • A holiday (42%)
  • A sensible one in ten of those polled (10%) would even put this money towards their rent or mortgage showing the real dent salon treatments have on the nation’s purses!

The real cost, however, is more of an emotional one:

  • Nearly half of respondents (45%) resent having to spend this money on salon beauty
  • 50% say the price takes away from their enjoyment of a visit to the salon

Taking matters into our own hands

This research from Braun clearly shows that when it comes to beauty, women across the UK are seeking treatments that deliver the results they want but at a fraction of the price – and on their own terms:

  • More than a quarter wish facials were more affordable (26%)
  • Nearly half of those polled (48%) wish this was true of IPL or laser hair removal and anti-cellulite treatments

The survey also reveals that unwanted hair is the top priority for British women when it comes to at home beauty, with hair removal topping the list of the most popular DIY beauty treatments[2]:

  • Nearly three quarters (71%) of women choose to do this in the privacy of their own homes
  • Over a quarter (26%) of women say that at home hair removal saves them the most money when it comes to DIY versus salon treatments

Overall, the research reveals how British women want salon-worthy treatments in the comfort of their own homes and salon-worthy results that don’t eat into their overdraft; at home beauty shouldn’t mean a compromise on quality. This means that DIY beauty products need to be safe, easy-to-use, and efficient and deliver long-lasting, quality results that women know they can trust.

Braun, the experts in at home beauty recognize this need for efficacy, precision, quality and trust when it comes to DIY beauty and hence offer a range of epilators, at-home IPL devices and exfoliation systems that make it easier, more affordable and more comfortable than ever to achieve permanent, visible results in your own home.

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