Discover California Wine

Discover California Wine

Vineyard rocks absorb water like a sponge; a novice wine drinker’s eyes widen as she tastes the difference between two California Chardonnays guided by a pair of sommeliers; a winemaker describes wine as the elixir that brings people together. Wine Institute’s new video series, “California Wines: Behind the Glass,” conveys the appeal of the regions, climates, grapes and people that come together to make California wine. The short films are set with backdrops of the Golden State’s iconic and aspirational landscapes.

California Wine Month,” the first in the 23-part video series, debuts Sept. 6 on Instagram before rolling out across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and going live on  A new video will be posted every week with the final video, “Road Trip,” wrapping up the series on Feb. 7, 2018.  The videos travel the length of California’s 800 miles of coastline, climb the mountains to consider fog and microclimates, capture sustainable winegrowing practices in action and reflect on California’s winemaking culture with its tradition of experimentation and innovation.

California produces 85 percent of U.S. wine and is the number one U.S. state for wine and food tourism with dozens of distinct wine regions, 138 American Viticultural Areas and 4,700 wineries. The California industry generates 786,000 jobs in the U.S. and attracts 24 million tourist visits to the state’s wine regions each year.

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