When’s the last time you heard someone in the public eye talk about embracing their flaws?

In this day and age of Photoshop and strategic lighting, most artists work very hard to present a carefully crafted image of perfection for public consumption. But pop artist Djoir  steps boldly into the spotlight – flaws and all – and she invites the rest of us to do the same.

“With everything going on in the world, a lot of times, we get caught up in what we think is beautiful and we hate our flaws,” Djoir told us.  “But our flaws aren’t really flaws. They’re characteristics.  They’re our unique touches into the world. We have to embrace and love ourselves and know that we’re each uniquely made with a purpose.”

It’s virtually impossible for new talent to shine brightly in a galaxy of stars. But LA native Djoir Jordan – known as simply “Djoir” – has managed to do just that. She earned her first Solo Performer of the Year nomination at the LA Music Awards in 2014, and she’s also garnered sync placement with hit songs like Partypocalypse on hit series like Pretty Little Liars, RUSH and in the hit film The Longest Ride.

Pop artist Djoir

With a fresh eclectic sound that is reminiscent of Katy Perry, combined with a stage presence that garners comparisons to Pink – back flips and all – Djoir has amassed a social media following of more than 300,000 fans, as well as praise from the likes of pop sensations Justin Beiber and Aaron Carter. And she’s just getting started.

Her Name on It EP – which dropped at the end of January – is a multifaceted reflection of her Diamond Cut brand that features cuts from the effervescent love song “Good Enough” to the catchy Katy Perry-esque dance anthem “Shining in The Dark.” The diversity of the tracks, Djoir shared, illuminates the myriad of places she finds inspiration as both a performer and songwriter.

“Inspiration comes [to me] from all sorts of places,” she shared. “For my new album, I  wanted to have a feel-good tracks and music that made people smile and dance. Those were inspired by my friends. But the track ‘Warrior’ is a very personal song about not giving up even when you want to, and I think everyone can relate to that.”

Having just dropped new music, Djoir is already looking forward for new opportunities to expand her Diamond Cut brand. In addition to an exciting new fashion collaboration that will hit the market soon, she shared some of the established artists she’d love to work with at some point.

“I would love to collaborate with Bruno Mars. He’s really incredible,” she gushed.  “Not a lot of pop artists are becoming icons, but he’s definitely one of them.” She also cites artists like producers and songwriters Corey Rooney and Max Martin, along with recording artists Pink, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga among her dream collaborations.

“They’ve paved the way in the pop music scene and they understand the formula of how to make great music. I’d love to just to be in the same room with them and pick their brain.”

In the little spare time she has, Djoir – a former gymnast – enjoys staying fit through activities like hiking, snowboarding and boxing and she loves to give back to kids by teaching gymnastics to children.

As with many artists of substance, Djoir also sees her work as an opportunity to give back.

“I want my music to be a light in people’s lives because that’s what music has always been to me,“ she told us. “Whatever they’re going through, I want to give them that escape. That is what music has been for me. You get taken from one world into a completely different world and it’s your everything. If I can touch people’s lives in some way, then I’ve done my job as an artist.”

Djoir’s EP Name on It is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Pandora.

To stay connected with Djoir, please visit to:

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