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When it comes to holiday gift giving, everyone wants to find something unique for someone special. But, in today’s global, mass-produced economy it is virtually impossible to find a gift that is truly unique. The key phrase here is “virtually impossible” because there is one category in which uniqueness is the essence of the gift – vintage and antique jewelry.

Vintage Engagement Ring (PRNewsFoto/Topazery)

In days gone by, every ring, necklace, bracelet and lapel pin was painstakingly handcrafted so no two pieces were ever exactly alike, and only those jewelry pieces that were loved, nurtured and passed along to future generations over the years are still surviving and available for gift giving today.

“Vintage and antique jewelry is not for everyone, but there is probably someone on every holiday gift list who would treasure a piece from the past,” said Jan Walden, founder of Topazery, one of the Internet’s leading sources for vintage and antique jewelry. “We find that vintage and antique jewelry is a great gift for anyone who is a fashion or art enthusiast, a history buff or someone who appreciates handcraftsmanship. These older pieces of jewelry also appeal to people of a certain age who may recall when vintage jewelry wasn’t yet vintage.”

Shopping for vintage and antique jewelry for the holidays has never been easier thanks to Internet sites such as Topazery. Through detailed photography and professional assessments by jewelry experts, shoppers can browse online through large curated collections and buy with confidence.

“Many people think of jewelry as a romantic gift, but it doesn’t have to be limited to a significant other,” Walden said. “A mother, grandmother, favorite aunt or close friend may be drawn to vintage and antique pieces. The essence of vintage jewelry is the fact that the gift in and of itself is memorable; it lets the gift recipient know that you took the time to find a gift that will be treasured for generations yet to come.”


Vintage and antique jewelry at ranges in price from less than $200 to low five-figures. Below are just a few examples with holiday gift giving potential:

  • Vintage Pearl Stick Pin – Twelve seed pearls join together in a circle atop a 14k yellow gold stick pin. The round pearls in this vintage jewelry pin float delicately around the open sphere and are cream colored. Circa 1930s. Item PN-3225. Price $129.
  • Vintage 1930s Engagement Ring – The unique design of the mounting in this antique engagement ring helps the diamond pull off the illusion of a bigger stone. Fashioned in the shape of a hexagon, the band features a floral and filigree design. Circa 1930. Item RG-3488. Price $400.
  • Edwardian Antique Necklace by Krementz – Pearls and diamonds flirt with an unfurled parasol in this Edwardian antique necklace. The necklace has a mushrooming cupola design that is accented with a collection of old European cut diamonds. Set in platinum, this antique necklace’s pendant features two natural button pearls. Circa 1905. Item NK-3512. Price $1,825.
  • Victorian Pearl and Zircon Necklace  A glorious bouquet of pearls, diamonds and blue zircons accent a Victorian necklace’s delicate swirling vase. A14k yellow gold pendant suspends from a round blue zircon in this vintage necklace. A larger matching zircon centerpieces the vase’s cutwork. Three oval wing baroque pearls unfurl in between while a bigger heart-shaped pearl romantically dangles from below. Circa 1900. Item NK-3508. Price $2,225
  • Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring – A classic style mounting glitters softly with 10 old-style single-cut diamonds that are bead set on the shoulders. Two baguette-cut diamonds flank each side of the GIA certified 0.71 carat round brilliant cut diamond. Circa 1935. Item RG-3339. Price $5,885
  • Art Deco Antique Aquamarine Ring – A diamond orbit spins around this antique Art Deco ring’s aquamarine planet. The planet Uranus glows with the same light blue-green intensity as this antique ring’s focal point cushion cut aquamarine. A constellation of bead set diamond stars spin around the centerpiece gemstone in a platinum setting. This ring has a pierced and hand engraved mounting. Circa 1925. Item RG-3495. Price $8,259.s
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