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Upcoming documentary to Remember the Nostalgia in

Wuyuan’s Jiangwan Town in China

The filming crew of China Central Television‘s (CCTV) ongoing national documentary project “Remember the Nostalgia” traveled to Wuyuan County, China on November 8 to film for the show’s upcoming third season.

The filming crew of China Central Television's documentary Remember the Nostalgia/(PRNewsFoto/Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd.)

Wuyuan County, located on the northeastern corner of Jiangxi Province, is known for its one-of-a-kind mountain landscape and the most beautiful countryside in China. It is also home to the most well-preserved ancient Hui-style architectures, one of the major architectural styles of ancient times in China with rows of dwelling houses with green tiles and white walls.

Jiangwan Town, in Jiangxi province, is recognized as one of the most distinctive ancient towns in China due to its long history, rich cultural heritage and unique folk traditions. The documentary will not only feature its natural scenery but also its culturally important rituals, performances and fairs.

The documentary will highlight Jiangwan Town’s folk traditions such as artistic performances celebrating the harvest season, young children dressing up as famous traditional BeijingOpera characters and a percussion band following the parade along the streets and alleys in the ancient town with cheerful music.

The traditional ceremony to worship ancestors was also filmed for the documentary, during which the people in Jiangwan Town burn incense, bow, deliver offerings and beat the drum in the main hall of the ancestral temple to welcome the gods and show their devotion to their ancestors. The ceremony concludes with meat shared among every household or a get together meal for everyone to spread the joy.

This is Wuyuan’s second time to be featured on the Remember the Nostalgia documentary. The county’s Wangkou Village appeared in the second season in an episode watched by an average audience of 6 million. Released in 2015, the aim of that documentary was to highlight the customs, culture and scenery of traditional Chinese villages as well as the agricultural civilization in China.

“With the ‘Remember the Nostalgia’ filming in Jiangwan Town this time, the traditional culture, folk traditions and villagers’ lifestyle of Wuyuan will present a culturally rich visual feast to audiences,” said Zhan Bin, brand manager of Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co. Ltd.

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